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Six Styles of Earrings every woman should own

Six Styles of Earrings every woman should own

Earrings like clothes are the most elemental form of accessorizing oneself; they are a basic form of adornment which every woman loves to play around with. Over time earrings have grown above the mandatory adornment tag to a style statement. Women can never have enough earrings given any age. A noted, well-researched jewellery enthusiast brings you handpicked earring styles that can be browsed through and can be bought at 22-carat gold price prevailing today from any online Jewellery store right to your doorstep. 

Apart from that here are a few select styles that you can own to get that dominant glam quotient too:

Gold Drop Earrings

The most sought after earring style by most women are the gold drop earrings, given their grace and elegance. Even a basic design can work wonders if it is a gold drop model. Gold drop earrings are easy to use, come in different patterns, styles, weights, sizes, and price ranges too.

Gold Studs

Gold studs are a very personal choice for many women given the convenience of wearing them. Gold studs can be simple, delicate or heavy, and empowering at the same time. They come in several variations- plain gold, gemstone, pearls, corals, diamonds, self-design patterns, and a lot more. 

Gold studs are notably an elderly women’s first choice but they lend a minimalist look to those who love being simple, for those who want an unstoppable glamour can go with oversized cocktail studs, design populated and very chic. 

Gold Chandeliers 

Gold Chandelier earrings are often confused with gold hangings, these are those special party wear accessories that will give a fresh new look. Many women don’t fancy them as they are attire specific, but they can work wonders if adorned rightly. They can be teamed along with an off-shoulder dress or a boat neck Indian wear – though the tassel style Gold Chandeliers are famous, they also come in other variations, plain gold and diamond tassel chandeliers remain popular in this category of earrings.

Gold drops

Electrifying and eye catchy, gold drops are widespread as a go-to style for many women both millennial or otherwise. Gold drops sometimes are looked at as age-specific adornment, just like its counterparts- the studs. Older women generally prefer studs over every other earring style. Gold drops give instant beauty to every outfit and face cut, the drop is generally a golden orb, a pearl, or a gemstone. 

Gold Hoops

Giving a bohemian feel, the free spirited hoop models remain to be a favourite to many women today. Though there are very few variations available, they have a captivating aura that cannot be ignored. Gold Hoops nowadays come in small floral design at the lobe part or a stone stud- usually a gemstone or diamond. 

Gold hoops differ in sizes, they are ideally adorned by children under the age of 10 and teenagers for their hassle-free easy handling and effortless look. Because of their simplicity, small gold hoops are dominantly used by school children.

Gold Jhumkis

A highly conventional model, gold Jhumks have been in the adornment rooster since times unknown. They complement a traditional outfit aptly, Jewellery designer has reinvented Jhumkis with modern themes such as the detachable Jhumki, 3-in-1 styles with several variations in Jhumki. 

These Jhumkis remain to top as one among the mandatory bridal adornments given its delectable beauty.  

Selecting gold earrings is highly subjective, it entirely depends on the price range, weight, personal taste and preference etc but one can do an in-depth research on what styles they can add to their treasure chest and then take an informed decision on buying a coveted piece. 

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