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8 Reasons Why Homeowners Should Use Professional Pest Control

Pests that invade homes are not just disgusting and annoying; they can cause real damage. Many get into cupboards and destroy food. They can eat through wiring, destroy building materials, and harm furniture. According to the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), termites cause billions of dollars in damage each year. Like many insects, they are also tough to eliminate without help.

Professional treatment is the only guaranteed way to eradicate insect and animal invaders. Experts work efficiently, minimize risks associated with treatments, and leave homes healthier. Regular pest control helps prevent structural damage to homes, ensures that infestations will not reoccur, and can make it easier to sell homes.

  1. Removing Pests Has Health Benefits

Homeowners rely on companies like Synergy² Pest Control to eliminate bugs and animals that pose health threats and help prevent new infestations. Professional pest removal helps eliminate a variety of risks. For example, a variety of creatures have been associated with sickness. The diseases cockroaches spread include salmonella, typhoid, streptococcus, and tuberculosis. Ticks can be sources of Lyme disease and Rocky Mountain spotted fever, which can occur in any state. Mosquito bites are linked to West Nile Virus. All of these conditions are particularly dangerous for children. Pests also leave unsanitary droppings, which can accumulate and leave hard-to-remove stains.

  1. Experts Get to the Source

Per researchers at Penn State Extension, the best approach to keeping homes pest-free is Integrated Pest Management (IPM). That is a system that works by understanding insects and animals, which allows technicians to prevent them from overwhelming structures. That is the approach exterminator’s use. Every employee understands the feeding, nesting, and eating habits of dozens of creatures. As a result, they can identify every unwanted invader in homes.

  1. Professionals Work Quickly

DIY pest control efforts can be expensive and time-consuming. Homeowners continually buy over-the-counter products and then spend their time applying them in affected areas. Most take a scattershot approach, hoping the products will remove every intruder. However, even successful treatments often leave some critters that homeowners did not suspect.

Experienced technicians make a plan for every pest issue they identify. They use methods that work for each species. Sometimes, that means leaving traps and, at other times, it involves applying pesticides. Since they target issues precisely, experts solve the problem quickly.

  1. Technicians Offer Safe Solutions

Modern exterminators no longer simply blanket homes with toxins to get rid of pests. Companies strive to find safe, practical solutions for every issue. In many cases, they treat with environmentally friendly products. While homeowners can find “green” products designed for DIY pest control, many do not solve the entire problem, and they can become toxic if not applied correctly. In contrast, experts make sure that clients and their pets are safe during treatments. When possible, they use substances that will not harm people or animals.

  1. Professional Removal Offers Peace of Mind

Hiring experienced specialists gives customers with the peace of mind that comes with knowing a problem is permanently solved. Living with pests can range from annoying to terrifying, especially if insects are biting. It only takes a few bugs to create a miserable situation.

For example, bed bugs are on the rise again after being nearly eliminated in the U.S. Travelers often import the very tiny bugs without realizing it. Once bed bugs invade homes, people begin waking up with lines of irritating, itchy red marks. Bed bugs are nearly impossible to remove without expert help, but technicians can eliminate them. They guarantee that homes are free of the irritating invaders and will return until the job is done.

Regular professional treatments also give homeowners the comfort of knowing their houses will be easier to sell. That is why property management specialists like FirstLight advice real estate agents and homeowners to schedule pest inspections before putting homes on the market. Many people have no idea they have infestations that could prevent their homes from selling.

  1. Homeowners Avoid Extensive Damage

Scheduling a professional pest inspection and treatment is an excellent investment that can save homeowners thousands of dollars. During inspections, technicians look for pest damage and report any they find to homeowners so they can arrange for repairs.

Mice often chew through wiring and destroy insulation. Insects eat everything from wallpaper to fabrics. Undetected termites could destabilize a home before homeowners see the first bug. Termites are incredibly challenging to control because they usually do their damage underground and in building materials. Most people only recognize the issue when the insects swarm. In contrast, professionals have the tools and training to find termites and other living things in the earliest stages. Pest control experts use a variety of methods to eliminate the invaders and will customize services to fit the situation.

  1. Specialists Help Clients Avoid Future Issues

When pest control experts evaluate homes during inspections, they look for conditions that attract insects and animals. Technicians share their findings with homeowners, explain what steps they need to take, and teach them how to avoid inviting new infestations. For example, professionals look for things like wood piled close to homes. Wood is an ideal home for dozens of creatures, and storing it near a house makes it simple for bugs and animals to make their way inside. They might also enter through access points like cracks, spaces under doors, and even through dryer vents. Some squeeze through siding, wall passages, and foundations.

Pest control businesses will not only discover these points, but many repair them. They also offer regular inspections and treatments that allow them to eliminate any new issues before they become serious. Many companies offer monthly, quarterly, and annual service plans.

  1. Routine Pest Removal Improves Home Values

Professional pest control can make homes more attractive and valuable. Buyers pay more for houses that have been well-cared for and show no signs of insect or animal damage, and appraisals on the houses tend to be higher.

Routine expert pest control keeps homes free of creatures that spread diseases. Technicians quickly find and remove all pests and identify any damage they did. Homeowners can rest easy, knowing they do not have to worry about bug or animal bites or hidden pest damage. Technicians also help clients avoid future pest issues by providing regular inspections and treatments.

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