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Do routers that connect to LTE and 5G make working from anywhere a real possibility?

In this day and age, employees need to be able to operate from anywhere in the world. With offices shut down, people forced to relocate to their houses to complete their jobs, and numerous workers quarantined at various times, the ability to function from different locations is crucial to a business’s productivity. 

Although operating from your house may not seem like the ideal situation, doing your job from somewhere other than the office may be an option moving forwards. Many employees have relocated to a coworking space to improve their productivity and boost productivity.

There are also certain programs, software, and apps available on the market today that can boost productivity for entrepreneurs and startups who don’t operate from a traditional office setting. Let’s look at one of the best online services that work-from-homers can benefit from. 

What is remote work?

Remote work is on the rise – gone are the days of sitting in your office from 9-5, waiting for rush hour to begin the long commute home. Today, the workplace is about productivity, which means maximizing workers’ time and energy. Sometimes this means working from home or a remote location to avoid spending time, money, and energy venturing to the office every day. 

Remote work is a working style that allows professionals to work outside of the traditional office setting, based on the concept that work, especially online work, does not have to be done in a specific location to be a high-quality end product. 

Instead of commuting to an office every day, remote employees can execute their projects, complete lengthy reports, and reach their goals from the comfort of their home office. The freedom to complete your daily work from a location of your choosing can boost employee morale, productivity, reduce workload, and improve confidence on the job. 

Are you looking for something to help your productivity during remote work? Working remotely from anywhere is possible with a mobile LTE wifi router from Cradlepoint. Let’s see how a Cradlepoint can help you work remotely for your freelancing job. 

How do you work remotely?

There are numerous ways people can work remotely. Some people have the opportunity to work remotely for most days of the week, having to commute to the office only 1 or 2 days per week for in-person meetings or conferences. 

Other people decide to travel to coworking spaces, giving them the feel of being in a work environment without going to their own office. Coworking spaces are central focal points of productivity, having entrepreneurs, startup owners, and employees all sharing the same space. 

Even though they share the same space, this does not mean they are in the same company – co-working spaces are meant for all remote workers in various industries. They can be people with full-time jobs, freelancers, or entrepreneurs who want to rent an office space. 

Remote work means needing to be ready at all times. Remote work is a reality. Be ready to work anywhere, with a mobile LTE wifi router from Cradlepoint.

What are 5G and LTE?

3G, 4G, 4G LTE, and 5G VoLTE are terms associated with frequencies and smartphones. The ‘G’ stands for ‘Generation,’ meaning the technology. The numerical increments increase with each decade. 

LTE stands for Long Term Evolution and works in tandem with 4G and 5G wireless communications to provide high-speed reliability. The 4G and 5G services are faster and provide better connectivity than 3G networks for mobile devices, such as tablets, hotspots, and smartphones. 

How do they affect internet speed?

4G devices affect service speed compared to 3G products, with 4G LTE showing a drastic increase in speed. The most notable impact of 4G LTE compared to 3G is with sharing videos and photos and the streaming of live content. 

Typically, 4G speeds are around 10x faster than 3G. 5G speeds are 10x-100x faster than 4G. However, some variables can affect the mobile speed, such as:

  • Other users on your network at the same time
  • Whether your device is moving or stationary
  • The pathway between your phone tower and your smartphone device
  • How close your device is to a cell tower
  • How many phone towers are in your location
  • The compatibility of your phone’s processor to the network in your location 

5G vs 4G Performance Comparison

5G is faster than 4G, but how much faster? We need to compare the differences to see how plausible it is for remote workers to have the ability to operate anywhere in the world. 

  • AT&T – The average 5G  download speed is 75.6, while the 4G download speed is 37.1 Mbps.
  • Sprint – The average 5G speed is 70 Mbps compared to 32.5 Mbps for 4G.
  • T-Mobile – The average 5G speed is 71 Mbps compared to 36.3 for the 4G.
  • Verizon – The 5G speed comes to 67.1 Mbps, while the 4G is fairly close to around 53.3 Mbps. 

Sprint’s network is slower during the testing than Verizon’s network but proved to be more consistent, reliable, and widespread. Sprint was then taken over by T-Mobile, which lacked a fast 5G network. However, T-Mobile and AT&T now have 5G networks that stretch over the entire nation. 

Remote work is a reality. Be ready to work anywhere, with a mobile LTE wifi router from Cradlepoint.

Cradlepoint works to create wireless edge solutions to unlock LTE and 5G cellular networks to ensure your WAN has a far-reaching ability, consistent reliability, and real-time agility to keep up with your business, your workload, and your needs. By combining both fixed and temporary work sites, vehicles, field forces, and IoT devices, Cradlepoint securely wirelessly connects your working platform. 

Cradlepoint is powered by NetCloud, a cloud-based service that features cloud management, software networking, and edge security with LTE and 5G cell technology. The cloud-based service keeps your data protected in a centralized location, while the security ensures no malware, viruses, or harmful links can penetrate the barrier. 

Combining LTE and 5G services creates purpose-built wireless edge routers and adapters to provide a reliable and extensive WAN. 

Characteristics of Cradlepoint


One of the main features of Cradlepoint is connecting people, places, and things. With a single cloud platform with wireless edge routers to connect permanent sites, mobile locations, vehicles, and IoT devices, this software uses NetCloud to integrate your data seamlessly. 

Nonstop WAN Availability

The wireless-optimized and software network enables non-stop and reliable communication across various cellular networks for versatility while traveling. 

Secure your Data

NetCloud helps protect your company and data from threats, ensuring you can relax and focus on your work.

Confidence-Inspiring Technology

NetCloud provides speed, reliability, manageability, and security to deploy a Wireless WAN.

Manage your tasks

NetCloud manager lets remote workers have complete control of your network without taking too much time, cost, and resources.

Branch continuity

Branch continuity is crucial to a business’s success. The LTE adapters in Craldepointt provide a performance-oriented path to offer a nonstop experience to users.

Wireless Branch Connectivity

Connect beyond the limits of a stationary workplace, using various routers to deliver zero-touch deployment, cloud management, and unified security across all devices. 

Zero-trust networking

Zero-trust networking allows a high level of security by isolating one network from another by using LTE or NetCloud blocking to segment the problems. 

Mobile networking

Mobile networking is crucial for remote workers. Connect beyond one location to include temporary sites, vehicles, and moving locations. Perfect for remote workers, mobile networking allows you to manage and control your data from any location. 

Digital signage

You can connect your digital signage with Cradlepiont, showing items such as lobby marketing, menu boards, home pages, and advertisements. 

Use the NetCloud Service

The NetCloud Service is a great choice for remote workers who need to upgrade their systems. Remote work is a reality. Be ready to work anywhere, with a mobile LTE wifi router from Cradlepoint.

The Wireless WAN lets you access to cloud and data center applications from anywhere using advanced cellular data. You can quickly, reliably, and securely access your own information using 5G and LTE services by using the NetCloud service and wireless routers. 

Wireless Edge Solutions use the NetCloud Service and purpose-driven LTE and 5G routers to promote a transition to a completely wireless network. 

The NetCloud service can help your business by providing the following:

  • Management
    • LTE and 5G connectivity, intelligent carrier selection, integrated Wi-Fi, visibility, and analytics 
  • LTE and 5G connection 
  • WAN edge routing and security
    • Next-gen firewall, secure internet access, web filtering, and threat detection
  • IoT services
    • SD perimeter overlay, device-centric security, edge computing, device-to-cloud connectivity
  • Analytics and insights


As you can see, the benefits of using Cradlepoint are extensive for remote workers. By providing connectivity, continuity, security, data transmission, management, and WAN edge routing, Cradlepoint makes it possible to use 5G and LTE to work from anywhere in the world. Those who favor being productive in coworking spaces, at their home office, or in a 3rd party location can benefit from using Cradlepoint for their freelance operations. 

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