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Filling online application forms takes a lot less time and is a lot faster than the traditional approach to visit the office.

There are multiple LPG gas providers in the country, each having an appealing trait to themselves, but it depends on the requirements of their clients. People usually apply for a gas connection once in a lifetime unless the applicant was not receiving the best service and decided that they wanted to change to something else. The other instance could be moving to a new house or apartment and needing a new connection. Furthermore, people renting out flats or apartments might have to apply for a one for the duration of their stay.


People who are planning on getting a new gas connection have to handle a fair amount of research at their end. Some companies provide a speedy delivery depending on location, others might have better pricing, and a third option could have the best interactions with their offices.


While finding the offices of gas providers is not that difficult, especially in this day and age when everything moved to the internet and a simple search can help find all the companies in the vicinity. However, to make the process easy, the Government is working on an eGovernance platform where they are planning to have information on all services that people in India should apply for. Among information about gas service providers, they also gather details about mandatory documentation processes like birth or death certificates and even passports. Furthermore, they have different sections where they will upload information the application forms needed to make this happen.


If applicants are looking to get through an LPG gas booking process, they can choose to use the website and upload all the information there. They would further have to attach the supporting documents needed as well. Some people would prefer handing the process offline instead of through the website, and they can do that too. They can use the website as a decent reference point and download the forms, and the supporting documents that they need. They can use this to gather the information when they are planning on making a trip to the office. The last thing that an applicant wants when they are heading to the office is to have to go back and get some additional documents on a different day.


After all the information has been submitted and verified by the office, they would send a representative to the house to make sure they install it correctly. Leaks in the pipes or their improper set up can lead to accidents or other issues. During the setup, they inform the people in the house about the rules and measures that they should take to make sure they are safe. Furthermore, if there are any issues at any point, people can call their gas providers, and they would send a technician to the house to fix it.


The platform used for the online filling out of the forms, people can handle a lot of other coordination with their gas companies, including register for a refill of their cylinders if they run out of gas. There are other services that certain providers come with a well, and depending on how important they are to clients, they can choose to apply for them. Some gas companies have an app where they can check the status of their cylinder, book new refills and coordinate with the company on delivery dates and everything else.


After completing the application, and paying the registration fee, the applicant received a booklet, regular and a cylinder, and they have to purchase another separately. Every purchase of gas made is is marked in the book. According to the rules in India, people receive discounts on domestic cooking gas but up to 12 cylinders a year. If their household is consuming more gas, they have to pay the full price for the rest from the 13th cylinder.

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