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Air Purifiers: Myths and Facts You Should Know 

 In case you are thinking of buying an air purifier, there are a few important things that you must know regarding the performance and efficiency of these machines. Knowing some myths and facts about the working of an air purifier will let you make the best choice of an air purifier which will provide you all the major benefits. There are several online websites on which you can find reviews that can help you in determining the facts and myths when we talk about the characteristics of an air purifier. You can also get an air purifier on rent if you don’t have any plan of buying them. For you to understand things even better, here are some myths and facts regarding air purifiers that should be kept in mind while buying one.


  • HEPA filters have high-efficiency 


Majority of the air purifiers make claims about HEPA filters being the most ideal option for eradicating the crucial contaminating substances from your house. Although it is not completely true. HEPA filters can eradicate many pollutants from the indoor air, but they cannot assure the elimination of all lethal particles. Gases or viruses can be eliminated in an equally effective manner since they are even smaller than 0.1 microns and can be even passed through the basic system of the HEPA filter.


  • All charcoal filters are similar 


If your home doesn’t have high humidity, you can make use of a charcoal filter to eliminate the pollutant particles from your house, but you need to ensure that you make use of a good quality charcoal filter since all types are not equally effective in solving this problem. You should try a filter that comprises several reactive components, within charcoal to assure that the evaporative compounds from the air are eliminated.


  • Air can be purified by UV light 


UV light is an effective way of killing dangerous organisms, but it doesn’t remove them totally from the air in your home. It is generally used in amalgamation with different systems to complete a particular task, but you must have in mind that all UV systems don’t work equally. The wavelength nanometre can vary in terms of range, so assure getting a device that can provide a high frequency over 186 nanometres for better elimination of ozone formation.


  • The speed of the air purifier is unimportant 


This statement is nothing more than a hoax. Different air purifiers get authorized with a CADR rating by the Association of Home Appliance Manufacturers after they pass a test. This rating is an indicator of the amount of air filtered by an air purifier. Choosing a low speed for the air purifier, you buy can help you in diminishing the potential of your air purifier in removing contaminants from the indoor air in an effective way.


Henceforth, these are some of the facts and myths about air purifiers that have been clarified in this post. An air purifier is as important as a water purifier. Getting a Water purifier on rent is a great option if you are not settled at a particular place.

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