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Are online slots really random games?

Online slots came to be completely random and yet things such as the RTP tell players how much return they can expect to have from a game. Some players wonder whether online slots are really random – discover new mega reel sites.

Why online slots need to be random 

Slot games are casino games that need to have random outcomes, if there was any sort of competitive element to the games it would completely change them. The random outcomes of the games are part of the reason why people love them so much. Slots need to be kept random for a number of reasons but perhaps the biggest is that it stops people from cheating the game. If there was some way to cheat the system and predict the outcome of spins, it would completely ruin the game for people. The randomness of the spins help to ensure that this does not happen. The random nature of slots also ensures that players will always be surprised by the outcome of reel spins. 

The RNG 

There is one thing that determines the random outcome of a slot spin, the RNG. This stands for the random number generator and it is essentially a piece of coding in every slot which ensures that the outcome of every spin will be completely random. 

  1. The RNG is a piece of coding that works out complex mathematical equations everytime the player hits the spin button. The result of these equations is the most random outcome, the reels will then display this outcome.
  2. These equations take mere milliseconds for the RNG to work out, despite the appearance of spinning reels on the screen. The truth is that the spinning reels are actually for show and have nothing to do with the outcome of a slot spin. 

The RTP 

The RTP is an incredibly important part of slot gaming, every player needs to be aware about what the RTP is and what role it plays in online slot gaming. This knowledge can really help a player and could even lead to them winning a higher payout. 

●       RTP stands for return to player and it is essentially a percentage which tells the player how much return they can expect to receive from a slot. Every slot game will have an RTP percentage, it is commonly found in the paytable of a slot, however it is commonly displayed in other places too.

●       Every slot will offer a different RTP for players to enjoy, although the most common RTP in slot games is 95%. The percentage will always be under 100% because the casinos still need to make some sort of profit.

●       The RTP can vary wildly from game to game, so it is always worth checking before you use a slot. Some games will offer an RTP as low as 90% whilst others will have an RTP which reaches as high as 99%! 

Final Thoughts 

The outcome of a slot spin is determined by the RNG, this piece of coding works to ensure that the outcome is as unpredictable as possible.

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