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What Are The Best CBD Products? 

In today’s day and age, it has never been easier to obtain weed. Whatever problem you might have, this plant probably can be the solution for it. And if you are lucky to be in some of the states that have completely legalized it, your needs are not even that important! 

The gradual relaxation of the stigma around marijuana has made it possible to be researched now more than ever. Although humanity has been familiar with some of the beneficial aspects of this herb as a species, we are finding out more and more each day! 

Beyond the obvious recreational uses, cannabis has helped kick start a lucrative industry that employs millions of people just in the US. It has also helped turn the tide on the public opinion about this plant and is the main driver behind some of the most significant social changes in our lifetimes. Its story is nothing short of inspirational.

The A-list herb

This rise in popularity has been in part thanks to some high-profile celebrity endorsements. Sure, marijuana has always been the “artists’ drug,” but decades ago, that was a reason to ostracize someone from the spotlight. Nowadays, it is the other way around – famous consumers of this plant boost its reputation with their brand!

One of the first and most recognizable public champions of weed was, of course, the man himself – Snoop Dogg! This stoner veteran finally turned his passion into a career in 2015 after Colorado legalized cannabis by partnering up with a local dispensary.

Another big name from the hip-hop scene also joined the green rush. Queen B’s husband, Jay-Z, united with a company specializing in high-end marijuana products as a so-called Chief Visionary Officer. And true to his brand, he is promoting only the best of the best, reportedly selling hand-rolled joints costing 50 dollars! Read more about it at this link:

But hip-hop stars are not the only ones getting in on this trend! Country legend Willie Nelson also started his own brand of cannabis products in 2015, even having his wife contribute to the assortment of goods offered in its catalog. Adorable, right?

A name you probably will not be surprised to find on this list is Seth Rogen’s. The famous comedian broke through on the Hollywood screens with a rich repertoire of stoner comedies such as Pineapple Express. Well, at last, he has turned his artistic inspiration into a business venture in his native Canada with his own product line.

A close friend of Snoop Dogg can also be found indulging in the green herb too! Celebrity chef, Martha Stewart, has partnered up with a company for her line of CBD products both for humans and animals alike! Guess we finally know what makes her recipes so delicious!

Actor Jim Belushi founded his cannabis farm in Oregon, where he grows different strains and sells them to local dispensaries. He also has a brand named “Blues Brothers” in honor of his late brother, who starred in the movie of the same name. Belushi has said he believes marijuana could have helped his brother overcome his opioid addiction. Read his statement here

Some high-profile athletes have also come out with similar statements in the past. Former NFL star Ricky Williams, who had to take a hiatus during his career because of a failed drug test, has gone on record to say that weed helped him retain awareness of his body, unlike pain medications. Now, he also has a line of CBD products meant to help athletes with their pain.

Likewise, the Rapinoe sisters, Rachael and Megan, the latter of whom brought the Women’s Soccer World Cup, also have their own marijuana company! Their focus is also on exclusively CBD products, and they offer a wide range of goods suited for everyone’s taste.

The secrets of the plant

By now, the question is clear: what makes this plant so unique? Indeed, celebrities would not risk their public image and reputation to promote it if it was not beneficial in some way? The answer is a resounding yes!

Research conducted over the last two decades has uncovered some exceptional properties of cannabis. Its compound CBD, which is to blame for the munchies and the couch potato syndrome, has versatile applications to human health. It has been found to drastically lower blood pressure, stop epileptic seizures in children, alleviate chronic pain in cancer patients, and even reduce acne!

Thankfully, many methods of using this compound have been created that fit everyone’s needs. Namely, you can choose to take your CBD the old-fashioned way, by smoking the flower either by joints or through bongs. These days, vape pens are also a popular choice of consumption, and vape cartridges are among the most wanted CBD products on the market. You can pick anything you like. 

Regardless of what you decide on, you will not make a mistake by choosing to try CBD. Whether it is because of your insomnia keeping you up at night or simply to relax your muscles after a challenging workout – this plant will help you right away. Adding it to your vitamin supplements should be a no-brainer!

Take it from some of the world’s biggest names right now – cannabis is a cause worth investing in. And if you think you are late, do not panic! The age of cannabis is just about to arrive and you can be a part of it. 

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