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Grand Theft Auto Five: A Beginner’s Guide

GTA V is one of the best action games of all time that allows open-world explorations and adventures. It was developed by Rockstar North Limited but released to the market by an American video game publisher, Rockstar Games, Inc.

How to Buy and Install GTA V on PC?

GTA V can be played on Xbox One or PS4, but this article will only focus on playing the game’s PC version. Like any other paid games, you need to pay a certain amount first before downloading and installing it.

  • Step 1. You have three ways to download GTA V. The first one is through Rockstar itself, then via Epic Games Store, and Steam, which is where we will be focusing now. The first thing you need to do is create a Steam account, only if you do not have one. After you log in, search for the game by typing ‘GTA V’ on the search box.
  • Step 2. Once you find the game, click the ‘Add to Cart’ button. If you do not have enough balance on your Steam Wallet, then you better top up first.
  • Step 3. To buy GTA V, click on the ‘Purchase for Myself’ button and follow the prompt massage’s specific instructions to begin downloading.
  • Step 4. Once you have successfully purchased the game, you need to navigate to Steam’s Library and then download it from there. Once downloaded, GTA V will be automatically installed on your PC and available to play.

There you go, in a matter of four easy steps, you will be able to play and enjoy Grand Theft Auto Five on your personal computer.

GTA V Story Mode

If you are chilling around without internet access and want to play an exciting game, then GTA V story mode is the best you got. It is an offline mode of the game that lets you play the main story and save it anytime. If you just started playing GTA V, you probably want to know the easiest ways to make some money. Well, below are the ways to help you out.

Make Money in Assassinations

The easiest way to earn money in GTA V is to complete all the missions, especially the stock market assassinations. After completing each task, you can see your cash balance rising. But you probably want to earn even more, just like any other player. Then, follow the next method below.

Make Money in Buying and Selling Stocks

The best way to make a lot of money quickly is to buy and sell stocks. Firstly, turn the autosave option in the game’s settings off. After that, invest all your money in a specific company stock that has the highest eventual return. Then, go to the safe house of your chosen character and sleep without saving the game. Alternatively, wait for 45 seconds or more until the stock reaches the peak.

The last step is to sell all the stocks. We highly recommend finishing all assassination missions first to invest a lot of money because the bigger the amount, the better the cash return. If anything goes wrong, you can load your last saved file, and everything will go back to the way it was.

GTA V Online Mode

‘Play Heist’

There are many features and options to choose from in GTA V online mode. One of which is to join or create a heist. It is effortless to join one, even if you do not have an invitation. Just hit the ‘Quick Job’ menu on your character’s phone and select ‘Play Heist.’ To create one, you have to reach Rank 12 or higher and own a high-end apartment or more.

Sell Cars

You can also sell cars in GTA V, which is only available in online mode. By doing this, you can get easy money. You get to earn 500 to 9500 bucks for each unmodified vehicle you sell. You can only sell once every 48-minute game time.


Being one of the best games out there, GTA V continues to get better and better by making some updates regularly. If you are just a beginner in Grand Theft Auto, better check out this guide.

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