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How to Upgrade Your Skincare Regimen

We all wish there was some magical pill that could make our skin glow and look younger. 

When it comes to skincare, the sheer amount of information out there can be overwhelming. This is part of the reason why so many people neglect it. People fear using the wrong products that could worsen existing problems or create new ones are some of the primary concerns.

There’s also a lot of skepticism over DIY tricks and home treatments that people use. But your daily skincare regimen does not have to be a complicated process. 

Different people have different needs, problems, and skincare goals. Some may have acne and scarring, others have oily or dry skin, whereas some have sensitive skin prone to sunburns. But with a bit of research and dedication, anyone can build a specific routine that suits their needs best. 

Having healthy skin will make you look and feel better, so here are a few tips to help get you going in the right direction. 

Watch Your Diet and Lifestyle

There are many things that affect the health of your skin, not limited to the products you use.  Your overall habits also contribute to the health of your skin and diet plays a very prominent role. 

Certain foods such as sugar, refined carbohydrates, and processed foods contribute to oily or irritated skin, which can exacerbate acne. Fruit and vegetables greatly improve the health of your skin, especially those that contain essential nutrients and vitamins. Drinking plenty of water also helps your skin stay hydrated and flush toxins from the system.

Similarly, lifestyle habits can affect the health and appearance of your skin. Drinking and smoking are known to dry out the skin, which is why alcoholics and chain-smokers tend to look older than they really are. Dry skin loses much of its elasticity, lessening its ability to “bounce back” from daily wear and tear as well as exposure to the elements. 

Skin loses its elasticity with age, however certain habits can accelerate this process. Luckily, it is relatively easy to maintain skin elasticity with a proper diet and a healthy lifestyle. 

Consuming a diet rich in fresh fruit and vegetables, staying hydrated, and getting enough sleep can go a long way to upgrading your skincare regimen.

Build a Skincare Routine With Tata Harper Products

Whether you suffer from acne, sunburns, dry skin, or oily skin, skincare routines are typically built on the foundation of different practices:

Cleansing Your Skin

Ideally, you should only clean your face twice a day, assuming you do not suffer from dry skin or you do not wear makeup. 

Cleansing is the first and most important step when building a skincare routine. Tata Harper offers a wide variety of facial cleansers that will gently scrub away the dead skin, leaving your face refreshed and most importantly, without stripping that natural layer of essential oils. 

Depending on your skin type you can choose between nourishing oils, purifiers, refreshers, and clarifying cleansers.

Using a Toner

Toner essentially balances the pH of your skin. Toners containing salicylic acid have been shown to be good at treating acne breakouts. Toners can also help those with dry skin, especially if they have hydrating qualities. 

Applying Serums on Your Skin

Serums containing vitamin C are highly recommended by dermatologists. This is because vitamin C works to reverse wear and tear that the skin suffers when exposed to the elements, particularly sunshine and the various, sometimes toxic chemical substances we are exposed to on a day-to-day basis. 

Vitamin A or Retinol is also helpful in decreasing the size of visible wrinkles, spots, and skin pores. When combined with sun-screen, vitamin C and A serums are some of the most effective skincare tools.

Moisturizing Your Skin Regularly 

Moisturizer is essential to skincare especially for those with dry skin issues. It helps strengthen your skin barrier, as well as keeping skin cells hydrated. 

Tata Harper moisturizer will ensure your skin soaks in as much serum as possible. Some people use different moisturizers in the day and night, especially for those who wear make-up for long periods of time. 

Cream-based products are most effective in handling dry skin. For those with oily skin, a lightweight moisturizer with a gel base is the best option as it will not block the pores of the skin. 

It is important to moisturize both in the day and at night. When you sleep it creates a natural barrier that seals in the active ingredients and hydrating substances, so that you wake up with bright, clear skin.

Apply Sunscreen When Going Out

With sunscreen, as with all other skincare products, it is essential to select products that match your skin sensitivity and type. 

Contrary to popular belief, darker skin tones actually do require sunscreen. In fact, darker skin types need more protection from the sun because hyperpigmentation (darkening of patches on the skin caused by the sun or tanning lotions) is much harder to correct on dark skin. 

Sunlight is the primary aging factor when it comes to skincare. Protecting your skin from the sun is still essential even if you are staying indoors because UV rays can still come in through the doors and windows.

Use Eye Cream

This is an optional part of skincare. Eye creams help reduce wrinkling around the eyes, particularly “crow’s feet” that come with age. They are best used with moisturizers to allow them to soak all the way into the skin pores. 

Face Oils/Masks

Another optional skin care treatment method is the face-mask or face oil. These are ideal for use overnight, or when you are staying indoors for extended periods of time. Face oils trap moisture in the skin, which helps keep it soft, hydrated, and moisturized. Look for products with alpha hydroxy, retinol, and vitamin C.

Treat Your Skin with Love

Skincare is widely neglected, yet it is a relatively simple process that only takes a few minutes per day. Its benefits over time far exceed the time spent working at it. 

To get the most benefit out of your skincare routine, strive to cleanse tone and moisturize on a daily basis. Remember to also consume a balanced diet rich in fruit and vegetables, and to lead a healthy lifestyle as much as possible. Even the best cosmetics cannot counter the effects of an unhealthy diet, poor sleeping habits, or excessive drinking or smoking. 

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