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Reasons To Live In Rehoboth, Delaware 

Rehoboth, Delaware, is an adorable coastal town with New England charm. From beaches to boutiques, this beachside community has all you could ask for and more. Here we discuss why living here is so great with insight into the state’s real estate market. 

A Full Recovery

As a result of the housing bubble prior to the recession, real estate prices in the Rehoboth area were driven up. Following the recession, prices decided to sink. It’s been over a decade since the recession ended, and many people are wondering if coastal beach towns have recovered for good. The answer to that question is a resounding yes- with real estate agents affirming the greater Delmarva region’s market stability, including those right by the water in Rehoboth. 

Rehoboth Beach Real Estate 

In addition to market security, limited options are giving interested buyers less room to be choosy in their selections of Rehoboth Beach real estate  options. While this isn’t ideal for buyers, it does make the market more secure as it motivates serious buyers to act quickly and with more willingness to pay more than they would have in previous years. Currently, you can find homes for sale in the general 19971 area for $380,000 and condos for slightly cheaper at $325,000. Prices decrease as you get farther from the water, and mobile homes are under $80,000. 

Local Businesses Abound

Since real estate is affordable, many local businesses have made Delaware their new home. Between the solid community base and fair property costs, it’s easy for much-loved establishments like restaurants and cafes to set their roots in Delaware. If you’re looking for a place to settle with quality local food and entertainment, Delaware is the place. 

Why Live Here? 

Besides the affordable beachside living, Rehoboth is regarded as the second happiest “seaside town in America,” according to Coastal Living. Delaware is filled to the brim with laid-back beach life, including some of the country’s best seafood. You can also unwind in a cozy North East coffee shop or get a nightcap at one of the many local pubs and breweries in the area. Rehoboth is a place to relax and enjoy all that life has to offer, and with prices, you can’t get in any other beachside town. Delaware boasts a no-sales-tax policy, giving you even more affordability whenever you need to shop. The affordability and the perks of beachside and small-town living are evenly matched by the vibrant city life that roams the Wilmington and Newark areas. You’ll find everything you could ask for and more in Delaware. 

The Bottom Line

Affordable beachside living with the added benefits of privacy and community you won’t find anywhere else are reasons enough to settle on Rehoboth as your seaside home. Add to this the affordable shopping and gourmet food, and your set for years of convenience and enjoyment by the water’s edge. We are so sure that your shoreline dreams will come true in Rehoboth. Make the move!

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