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Must have jewellery for teenage girls

The fact that wearing the perfect jewellery can make you the star of any gathering is undeniable.  Fashion accessories and jewellery are the best things to uplift any attire and create the impression and style that you want for yourself. From chains to statement earrings and cool bracelets, the fashion jewellery industry is growing significantly today.

As a teenager, one is constantly influenced by the new styles and trends in this ever changing world of fashion. Teenage years are all about experimenting with new looks and also finding your own true sense of fashion. Teenage girls are ever ready for experimenting with new colors, textures and styles.

From boho and tribal to oceanic and indo-western, the vast array of jewellery styles can overwhelm you every time you decide to make a purchase from the jewellery gift stores.It makes it quite a tough task to choose the perfect jewellery piece for your lovely daughter. So, if you are planning ajewellery gift for your daughterfor her 16th birthday or her school graduation we are here to help you. Gifting jewellery symbolizes your eternal love and care for her.

Here are 5 jewellery pieces to surprise your teenage daughter with on her special occasion: 

  1. Bracelet – What’s better than a dainty and classic gold or a diamond bracelet? Bracelets are chic and are evergreen statement jewellery pieces. They can be worn with western formals or traditional outfits. A contemporary style bracelet can be worn by a teenage girl without being too much for her. It is minimalistic, classy, and evergreen. 
  1. Pendants- One can never go wrong with a decent pendant in a sultry chain. Pendants are elegant and stylish. Be it diamonds, gold, pearls, gemstones like ruby and sapphire, pendants are eternal and can never go out of style. Pendants can be a beautiful jewellery gift for your daughter this birthday.
  1. Earrings – Gifting your daughter a must-have classic pair of earrings is the best gift ever. A perfect pair of gold and diamond studs or drop earrings can never disappoint anyone. As a teenage girl, one might want to look different but also minimalistic as it’s a starter jewellery. A chic pair of earrings can be worn anytime and in fact all the time, making them easy to manage for a teenager. She can pull them off with formal wear as well with a casual dress for a brunch with friends
  1. Rings- Statement rings are gorgeous musings that can’t ever get unnoticed. Most of the girls love to accessorize their hands and rings play an important part in that. From gemstones to gold and diamond each ring has a different style which adds to the character of a person’s personality. Gifting the right ring to your teenage daughter is beautiful and shall have a deeper meaning. 
  1. Chains- The most versatile and eternal jewellery gift for your daughter has to be a gold chain. The specialty of a gold chain is that it can be worn with or without a pendant and every time it can be re-worn with a different pendant creating an altogether different look. Chains are simple, graceful and are multipurpose. A modish and chic gold chain can never go out of style.

Well, so now the next time you enter a jewellery gift store or do some online shopping, feel free to pamper your teenage daughters with these beautiful jewellery pieces. The best fact about a jewellery gift is that it is different from all other gifts and show love and affection for your special ones. Be ready to see a wide smile on your daughter’s face when you give her something fashionable, unique and beautiful.




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