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Remote Working Challenges & How To Conquer Them

Remote work has always been a fashionable work culture for professionals. The covid-19 pandemic allowed many of us to work from home and I must say that it has been going amazing for many. Working from home gives you time to explore new places without sacrificing your leaves and spend time with your family and pets even more. 

What other benefits come to your mind when you think of WFH? No commuting hassles, no munching on unhealthy cafeteria food, no need of dressing up and wearing makeup & high heels. 

While you enjoy all the above WFH benefits, some major challenges emerged when the concept became a big boom after the pandemic. Many companies and organizations were not ready to provide remote working arrangements to such a big extent and all the employees together. But we have come a long way since then.  

Let us look at some of the major challenges that people and companies faced while working remotely, and how did they defeat them:

  • Team Communication

There was a huge crack in the communication between the team members after switching the work from office to home. It became difficult for team members to meet online at the same time and pay 100% attention to the meetings and brainstorming sessions.

How to Overcome?

Better planning and organizing things is the first step. You need to plan your day properly, which includes your daily routine, sleep schedule, working schedule, break timings, personal timing, etc. Make sure that you work from a place that is not or less distracting. 

  • Overworking

Many people ended up overworking and spending a lot more time at work than before the WFH culture. Because of a lack of planning and an unorganized daily routine, their working hours were stretched, which started taking a toll on their physical and mental health. 

How to Overcome?

The easiest trick to get over this problem is to draw a boundary between your leisure time and work time. You should state very clearly to your manager, lead, and teammates about your work timings.

  • Office-like Infrastructure

Many people faced issues while working from home, as they were used to working in the office provided setup. People started being very comfortable working from the beds, sofas and then facing health consequences. 

How to Overcome?

Many companies provided internet data cards, ergonomic desks, and chairs to their employees. This helps in better productivity and concentration and also makes sure that you sit with a straight posture while working. 

Lack of Interaction With Office Colleagues

We all started missing having tea and coffee with our office colleagues and discussing issues and problems in the cafeterias. Working from an isolated environment alone was very tough and depressing for many, at the start. And to be honest, very boring as well. 

How to Overcome?

Human interactions are important to balance your work life and social life. Even if it is not possible to meet them in person, you can take social breaks and go on a video call with them over unofficial social media platforms. If you think you can manage and love to have a pet, get one! Trust us, they are adorable to have and are amazing stress busters.

  • Scaling Up On Skills At Home

Many people started feeling unmotivated and under confident as their skills became stagnant. Lack of training and development programs stops the employee’s growth, discourages the employees and makes them lose interest in their work and the company. This is one of the major reasons why employees switch jobs, and the company loses a talented resource.

How to Overcome?

Training and development programs should be conducted frequently based on every employee’s job role. TalentLMS is an employee training platform that helps in developing customized training for employees and offers exceptional guidance making sure each project reaches its goal.


No doubt, remote working comes with a lot of perks and it can be more adventurous and rewarding in many other ways. Despite this, it is important to work and beat the common work-from-home challenges mentioned above. If the above-mentioned resolutions work to conquer your remote work challenges, do share this article with people in your social circle who you think need to read it.

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