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Discourse: a key to reach common points

It is a given that a human being is not alone in this universe, nor society, nor the family. He/ she is a social being par excellence. He/she always needs to connect with others and communicate constantly to live. A human being relied in the beginning on gestures and signs to communicate, then the first shouts and words with a sound rhythm and vocal syllables, then the urgent need for writing as a tool for thinking and communicating with others emerged. Hence, many websites have emerged that have helped people express their thoughts, such as The Doe.

However, others are not all the same as hazelnuts of the same size and color. Rather, you find them distinct and different, varying according to the makeup of each individual, both physically and mentally.

Dialogue is the best means of intellectual cross-fertilization, broadening the horizons of vision, developing awareness, building and developing knowledge through the exchange of opinion and the openness of both sides of the dialogue to the experiences of the other.

During a dialogue, each of the interlocutors opens a window for the other party, to show them facts that they have not seen before. Because every person sees one phenomenon from a certain angle, so what one person sees may not be seen by the other. In the dialogue, each of the interlocutors helps the other party to see the topic from another angle. Thus raising their awareness as a result of the cooperation they conducted to gain comprehensiveness in the vision.

One of the most important things that the interlocutors should pay attention to is that each person has a distinct personality and his/ her own view of life. Each of us thinks in a certain way that may differ from the way of others. Each human being interprets things from their own perspective according to their way of thinking, their cultural level and in the light of the education they received and the environment in which they lived, and finally the atmosphere in which they grew up.

Therefore, a person should not complain and feel psychological distress when he or she finds someone who has their own unique opinion or thought, or sees things differently. This is so normal to happen.

A person’s acceptance of difference and their surrender to the status quo, and their acceptance of the existence of other opinions than what they go to, do not mean that their opinion or thought is incorrect or less important than others. Rather, it means that he or she is a conscious personality who knows human nature, and knows that the factors that affect his/her interpretation of things are completely different from those factors that influence others.

Finally, dialogue has etiquette and controls that must be adhered to, such as focusing on clear evidence, logic, sound method and listening to the other opinion, and avoiding raising the voice and expressions of irony, mockery, and false allegations during the dialogue, while taking into account the common points and staying away from personal matters, so that the dialogue is purposeful and achieves the public interest.

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