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The Coconut Tree of the Online PDF Tool World, PDFBear

The Coconut Tree of the Online PDF Tool World, PDFBear

You’re just browsing the internet one day looking for a useful pdf tool, and then you come across an article with this title. You think to yourself, “What is this person talking about? Comparing a Coconut Tree and a pdf tool? That’s crazy.” and you might be right. But since your interest has already been piqued, you might as well read on why PDFBear is the Coconut tree of the online PDF tool world.

Conversion for Days

PDFBear’s conversion tool is what they’re known for. Their software could change files from word to pdf in a snap. If you look at it in the coconut tree metaphor, their conversion tool is like the coconut. It’s the most used and utilized feature on the website. It doesn’t just convert Docx to pdf, but other formats can be changed to pdf too like jpg, ppt, and even HTML.


Of course, like the coconut nut, the site doesn’t only have that one function. The coconut is commonly known for the juice inside it, but did you know that, depending on its age, the coconut meat inside could be eaten as well. In relation to the website, its software is capable of two-way conversion, meaning it could also convert pdf files to other file formats.

Convenience and Affordability

If someone asks you to find a coconut tree on a tropical island, you’ll undoubtedly find one wherever you are on that island. They grow all over the place, from the beachside to the middle plains to the tropical forests. Likewise, with PDFBear, you’ll be able to access it wherever you are, since it’s online, and in whatever device or operating system you’re using.


With regards to its pricing, you’ll have two options. Imagine that you wanted to plant a coconut tree. You could either buy seed or take a coconut from a random tree and grow it. Similar to PDFBear, you can either buy their PRO version or use the free one. Naturally, you’ll have more options in the PRO version, but the free version still offers all of their features.

PDF Multi-tool

If you ever get stranded in a deserted island, Castaway-style, an excellent survival tip is to look for a coconut tree. It’s because you can do a lot of things with a coconut tree’s different parts. You can use the nut for nourishment and the wood for a campfire, to name a few. So like the coconut, you can also do other things with PDFBear.


It doesn’t just give you two-way pdf conversions, but also has multiple features for editing and optimizing your pdf document. The site has options to split and merge pdfs, add page numbers and watermarks, and reduce your pdf document’s file size. It’s not too far of a stretch to say that PDFBear might be the only tool you’ll need for your pdfs.

Legit Protection

As mentioned before, the coconut tree’s parts can be used for many things, but the focus now is its wood and leaves. You can use those raw materials to build yourself a shelter to protect you from the harsh environment and other dangerous circumstances. Your safety will be guaranteed, and you won’t have to worry about it anymore.


With PDFBear, you can also provide safety for your files. The site assures you that when you upload your files for conversion, it will automatically be deleted after an hour. They also have a feature that can put an encrypted password to your pdf file. Your file will be protected from prying and unwanted eyes, and away from people who might want to steal it from you.


This article is trying to say that the coconut tree is, first of all, underrated but is also probably the best tree there is. With its parts’ multiple functionalities, no wonder some places in the world even call it “The Tree of Life.” Likewise, PDFBear is one of the top online pdf tools around because of the many features it offers and its ability to aid you in your pdf needs. You could say that it’s the coconut tree of the online PDF tool world.

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