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The pandemic changes making it challenging for the economy to pick itself up

The pandemic changes making it challenging for the economy to pick itself up

With the changes taking place because of the Coronavirus pandemic, a large number of companies had to reduce the amount of staff they were working with. In the initial stages, the country went through a national lockdown with people forced to stay indoors to prevent the spread of the virus. With the entire country staying inside and companies shut, people were not spending money on items the way they were pre-pandemic, which lead a lot of the companies not being as productive as they were in the past or receiving the same amounts of money as they were before.

The Government knew that these changes would not be taken well by the economy, so they had to step in to protect the people from job loss, as best they could. They created a series of schemes, with their primary one being the furlough scheme that they put in place to reduce the number of people that companies let go of. The scheme would pay 80% of the salaries of employees while the company that they worked for would only have to pay the difference of 20%. Even with a scheme this efficient, companies could not keep up and were still laying off their employees. However, the Government knew that they could not have these schemes running forever and they had to keep them running till the economy stabilised which was not likely.

The only way to get those results was by slowly opening up the economy, which was another approach that they could take. It additionally meant that people might be at risk, so they implemented measures to look after their people like sanitising, wearing masks and maintaining social distance. People began visiting small cafes and restaurants, which is what the Government was encouraging since the beginning of August. While this was positive, it was not affecting that they would like it to have since people were a bit sceptical about coming out, and that was quite challenging for the people.

One of the most prevalent practices in the UK at this point was remote working which was allowing a large chunk of the population to work from their homes or other locations, but they did not have to come into the office. This reduced the amount of time that they were spending

outdoors, which was keeping them safe and preventing the spread of the virus. However, this meant that employers and teams at companies were not seeing the people they were working with, in person. On the flip side, a new practice followed by employers was getting through a background check for their employees since they had not met most of them in person with their interviews conducted online as well.

The most common background check that was handled by employers in the UK was the DBS check. It allowed them to go through the past of the person in question and gave them a better understanding of the person and whether they would be a good fit for their team and the company. To create an easier process, the DBS check was conducted online with employers reviewing the DBS certificate without having to leave their offices, making it easier and more convenient.

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