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Top 3 reasons to work with a social security disability attorney to help YOU! 

If you feel like you’re the only one struggling with a disability, you are wrong – there are over 36 million Americans that have had at least one disabling condition at some point in their life, preventing them from doing the things they love and going to work.

If you have a disability that has harmed your quality of life and prevents you from making money, you may need to find supplemental income to help you stay on your feet. In this case, find a reputable attorney who can help you prove your disability due to a chronic condition or accident, show medical records, and fight your case in a court of law. 

3 reasons to use a social security disability attorney – find social security disability lawyers near me!

Suppose you are wondering why you may need a social security disability lawyer near me for a court case. In that case, there are many benefits to using this professional to help argue your perspective. By finding a reputable and trustworthy social security disability lawyer, you can ensure you have the highest chance possible at earning governmental money for your disability. 

Get a preliminary evaluation

One of the benefits of hiring a social security disability attorney is to get preliminary testing to see if you can qualify for disability benefits. Although some medical conditions can be hard to prove by a certain standard, like with testing or procedures, most conditions can be verified by a doctor’s word, test proof, or procedural evidence of chronic illnesses or severe injury. 

You can get an immediate idea if you even have a shot of qualifying for benefits if you submit an evaluation to your attorney so they can check the proof of your condition. Depending on how your disability affects your daily life, you may qualify for social security benefits. If your condition affects your ability to go to work, your ability to find a new job, and your chances of getting better, you have a good shot at qualifying.

Help you with your social security claim

The second reason you should look for social security disability lawyers near me is to find help with applying for your initial claim. If you file for benefits, you will need to fill out an application to send to the Social Security Administration – an application that can confuse those not well-versed in the legal world. 

Update the SSA on any changes

Suppose something has changed with your medical condition, whether it has gotten better or worse. In that case, your social security disability attorney can update the Social Security Administration by letting them know of the updates. Since so many people have disabilities, your attorney must help keep the organization updated on receiving compensation.


There are many reasons why working with a social security disability attorney can be helpful for your chances of receiving social security benefits. By finding social security disability lawyers near me, you can increase your chances of convincing a judge you medically qualify for receiving governmental aid. 

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