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Where to Post Reviews about the Company

Where to Post Reviews about the Company

There are so many places to write reviews now. Figuring out where to go can be very confusing. What sites are best? Should you leave writing? How can you know that the appropriate people will see the review? Read on, and our article will give you all the answers you need.

Does the Company Have a Social Media Presence?

The first question to ask is: does the company have a social media presence? Most now do, since customer engagement is a priority. If they do, then check to see if they actively work with customers on their social media.

If they do, then you could leave a review for them on social media. Facebook actually now includes a review section for business pages. Your review will hopefully be seen by the appropriate people. Social media can be very good for getting in touch with the company directly.

Use Dedicated Review Sites

As we said in the introduction, there are so many ways to leave reviews now. That doesn’t mean that they are all legitimate, or useful.

If you want people to see your review, then post to one of the dedicated sites. People will look at those sites for information on how the company acts. The sites which allow reviews but aren’t dedicated sites will not give you that option.

When you do this, make sure to give as much information as possible. Your review won’t mean much if it is just a star review. You need to make it clear what you are reviewing and why.

Try to Use Sites that Companies Use advises their customers to claim reviews on the dedicated sites. This makes them seem more trustworthy and willing to see what people are saying.

You can use this. If you want your reviews to be seen, post them on a site where the company claims reviews. People will see your reviews, and they will be more likely to respond to them.

This has a knock-on effect. If people know that the company will see their reviews, they are more likely to post them. More people will read the reviews, because they know that the company see the reviews and acts on them. So it goes around and around.

Find an Appropriate Review Site

There are a lot of review sites out there. Are you using the right one? If you are leaving a general review, then you can use a general site. If you are leaving a specific review, then you need to use the site that’s best. TripAdvisor is best for people writing reviews concerning holidays. Yelp is best for companies that provide services. Choose which one will work best for you.

Use your Own Social Media

If all else fails, why not use your own social media to leave reviews? Social media is a very useful tool if you want to tell lots of people your story. Tell all your followers about your experience. If the company you are talking about has a social media presence of their own, then tag them.

They might respond, or they might not. So many people use social media that someone will see your review. Remember to use the proper hashtags (if on Twitter) so that it shows up in searches.

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