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Struggling To Become A Comedian? Here Are 10 Video Making Tips That Can Help You Go Viral

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You have probably come across several ‘viral’ videos ever since you started getting the hang of the internet. Admittedly, there are many elements of these videos that make them go around the digital screen thousands of times. The good thing about a viral video is that it only needs to exist to gain tremendous traction and get shared multiple times.

So, the vital question here is how to make a video that goes viral and gets picked up by as many eyes as possible! There are several ways to make a video that can spread just as fast as wildfire and become a sensation on the web if you are a comedian. Read on to find out how.

Top 10 Video Making Tips That Make You Go Viral

Be Authentic

In very crude terms, do not impersonate or replicate another comedian’s vibe in your video. There is a marked difference between inspiration and replicating. As attractive as it might seem, do not fall for the scam and do not try to attempt to copy the style of another comedian.

To make a great video that goes viral, you need to be authentic. Find your quotient and be creative if you want to go viral. It might be safe to say that this strategy can lead to the creation of your very own brand that you can use to make every other video go viral.

After all, studies show that close to 54% of consumers look forward to more video content from a brand that they support, according to Oberlo. That’s a huge potential opportunity for you.

Keep An Eye Out For Trends

When it comes to comedy, you can thankfully take up any era and punch it. However, to make a video go viral, you need an audience that will make it go viral. To do that, you need to give them something to stick with and that they find appealing enough to share.

Nothing suits better than to give your audience a healthy dose of current trends and ideas which they can easily resonate with. This is where you can get compelling with your content and quickly gather the numbers.

Use The Right Mix

Emotions and humor need to be mixed proportionately when it comes to a viral comedy video. How often has it been when you watched a video and didn’t feel like laughing at the jokes?

Use your videos to target your audience with a sensible mix between the two if you want the charts to tip in your favor. People are increasingly attributing more time watching online video content every week. That’s a spot you can easily fit in!

Do Not Try To ‘Make’ A Viral Video

A viral video is not something that you can make with the intent of just that. Your focus should go into making a creative and worthy video and let the audience make it go viral. This is how the whole concept works in practice.

Deliberately trying to make a viral video, with the entire focus on just that can backfire. You can use a free photo slideshow maker to make your video with quality content.

The First Few Seconds Matter

Whether they are going to watch your video further or not, your audience decides within the first few seconds. Put your punches and gags in that order to make your audience stay on your video if you want them to watch till the very end.

Did you know that close to 50% of viewers (according to Biteable) of videos agree that they would stop doing something just to watch a video from their favorite creator! But 33% of them (according to Biteable)  will stop watching it after a mere 30 seconds if they don’t find it interesting.

Aim For a Viral Title

It’s the same words, just written differently that makes the whole difference. Like it or not, the title of your video can decide whether people are going to come over to watch it or not. So, instead of going for a sentimental one, how about something catchy and striking?

Provide Value

Even if you are making a video in the comedy niche, you can give your audience enough value, and that’s, well, comedy. Make your video effective in terms of the content that you deliver to your audience and watch how your video goes viral.

With a comedy video, people expect to watch 100% comedy and stuff that leads to it. Stray from the topic, and you can be sure that your audience will bid adieu.

Don’t Forget The Thumbnail

As soon as your video starts being seen on social media and other platforms, the first thing that the audience is going to catch is the thumbnail, and that is even before the title.

If you manage to create something that summarizes your video in an image, it has a higher chance of being seen by others. Please avoid using any text as a thumbnail.

Avoid Going In All Directions

Your comedy video should contain elements that make people laugh. Instead, if you were to begin educating them about, let’s say, finances, they are bound to lose interest and switch to another video.

Stick to the point with your video and watch how it turns into a viral bug.

Know What To Do With A Viral Video

Once you have knocked the charts upwards, there’s a lot that can get going for you. Understand that the shelf life a viral video is a short one, but your brand can be more significant than that. Reach out to comments and questions from your viewers.

In Conclusion

It takes a few ideas to put together great content and get a viral video running on the web. You need to put in honest work and do proper research about content before you go ahead with making a video. Many tools can help you with the task.

For example, you can convert youtube to mp3 in high quality with various tools. Similarly, there are many tools to compile a complete video and upload it on your channel.



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