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The most popular cigars in the world

The most popular cigars in the world

Cigars are not just for smoking tobacco leaves. It’s a sign of luxury and exquisite taste. The refined smoke and the strong flavor of a cigar cannot be compared to any other kind of tobacco product. If you love cigars and have tried various types, you must have had a Cuban cigar or might have heard its name. Cuban cigars are one of the most popular categories of cigars in the world, with the most exports from Cuba. When it comes to Cuban cigars, there are many popular brands famous for their unique taste and high-quality tobacco leaves that are rolled in perfect harmony to create these cigars. Here are some of the most famous Cuban Cigar brands that you must try if you are a true cigar lover. 


The brand is known for the highest quality Cuban cigars and is known to be a little more expensive than an average Cuban cigar. They were allegedly rolled specially for Fidel Castro and were also given to the visiting head of state. Now it is also available for ordinary people and is exported in large quantities outside Cuba. The tobacco leaf in this cigar is extra fermented to produce a robust flavor that gives excellent experience for a long time. If you want to try a Cuban Cigar fit for proper royalties, you should try this one. 




It is perhaps one of the most robust Cuban cigars you will come across and is not for the faint-hearted. These cigars have a strong aroma and pack a punch. Taking it down slowly will give earth and peppery flavor that you can enjoy. However, if you rush with this cigar, you are likely to get sick and have a terrible headache. Only smoke this cigar; if you want to enjoy it will slow puffs patiently.


White Owl

It is one of the best and affordable series of Cuban cigars that has been relatively popular in America. If you are starting to smoke a cigar, then white owl cigars would probably be the best option. The classic mellow tobacco taste, blended with a spicy kick, is what makes it different from other cigars. The earthy aroma of this cigar is definitely something you will love. It is a cigar that you can enjoy at any time and in any location. Definitely one of the best cigars if you are a starter and want to enjoy the taste and aroma.




It is currently one of the best selling cigar brands globally and is relatively popular among both the new and old smokers. The cigar is available in many different flavors such as cocoa, vanilla, and coffee. The cigar is strong but not overpowering, and the characters provide a very pleasant experience while smoking it. If you are looking for something subtle yet strong, then this should be the one to go for.


H Upmann

These cigars became somewhat famous after they were reported to be the favorite cigars of John F. Kennedy, who reportedly bought every box he could find in Washington D.C. before signing the Cuban trade embargo in 1962. As per the expert, aging these cigars for 10-15 years make the taste develop further and makes it much more aromatic. 



These are not just an average cigar. It is only meant for people who have already experienced the taste of a cigar. Since these have a robust tobacco taste, it comes with a warning for beginners. Starting too fast with the cigar may make a person sick. However, smoking it slowly will allow the person to enjoy the rich tangy and earthy flavors.


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