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Are mobile slots as advanced as online slots?

Everybody loves playing slot machine games online in the 21st century – if you asked us about futuristic slots 50 years ago, we never could have imagined that we would all have access to online slot machines from the comfort of our computer chair! Now mobile slots are on the rise and it begs the question, ‘are mobile slots as advanced as online slots?’ If you too wonder this sometimes, you’ve come to the right place! Read on to find out more or click to view!

Advancements of Online Slots

When the first online slot games began to come out, people were amazed. There was a whole range of new benefits when trying your luck, including:

–          A massive variety of games you’d never find in land-based casinos

–          Amazingly convenient – you could play anytime in your own home!

–          Tons of competitive bonuses, special offers and other amazing promotions

Online slot machine games truly did feel advanced at the time, and it’s still getting better today. These days there are more online slot games than ever before and the web design, game-mechanics and bonus features are more complex than before! Love it.

Advancements of Mobile Slots

These days it feels like smartphones have taken over the world – they can literally do anything, and that includes slots! Mobile slots are based on online slots and therefore host all of the same benefits such as convenience, special offers and enormous game variety! However, there are some other benefits that must be mentioned – in the past you had to be in your own home to play online slots on the computer, and even then you might have to kick off a family member to get access. However, mobile phones are truly advanced offering similar computing power that fits in your pocket. Forget waiting to access the computer – you can now play on the train, in your bed, anywhere you choose!


Optimization means a slot game is specifically tailored and designed for the platform it is being played on. With the rise of online slot games, developers went crazy designing games for computers to be played on the big screen, but they didn’t really anticipate the mobile slots boom! This has resulted in many mobile slot games not being optimized for mobile, causing several issues:

–          The small screen-size may be too tiny to fit all the game’s special features

–          In addition to small screen-sizes resulting in missing content, it can also result in buttons being so small that they are hard to click with our chunky fingers!

–          Not being optimized for mobile can result in websites performing slowly on your phone

The Verdict

Overall, we have to say that although we anticipate mobile slots will be huge in the future, online slots are currently more advanced. Mobile slots are great but they are often not optimized, and if you ask us that means they are not yet as advanced. They’re certainly worth giving a go but if the experience is not satisfying then stick to online slots. One thing is for sure – mobile will certainly catch up eventually!

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