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Top 3 Reasons You Should Go for Node JS Training

Top 3 Reasons You Should Go for Node JS Training

The most common language of programming is JavaScript, and it is used in multiple large enterprises and start-ups for software development. In ninety-five percent of the websites, it is used as a development tool for client-side. JavaScript, before 2009, was solely employed in development that is front-end and was used side-by-side with numerous server-side languages. In 2009, more than a decade ago, the real developer of Node JS, Ryan Dahl, released the first version of Node JS. Developers could not have pictured earlier that this language could be so powerful and be utilized to write codes for backend apps as well. So naturally, it came off as a surprise. In the current times, Node JS is receiving an abundance of hype, and a lot of companies, for instance, Walmart, Groupon, GoDaddy, Medium, Yahoo, Uber, LinkedIn, and PayPal among others are switching their tech stack to Node JS.

Specifically, in Silicon Valley, and across the world, the hottest technology is Node JS. Getting Node JS training will help you perfect some skills which will ultimately open up remarkable career opportunities for software developers. This article will cover the reasons why Node JS is such a special programming language.

1.     Strong Corporate Support

A group of companies, in 2015, including SAP, Fidelity, PayPal, Microsoft, and IBM organized a foundation for Node JS. This independent community is directed at facilitating the core tools development of Node JS. They formed the Node JS foundation to boost the Node JS development, and the intention was to enable its broad adoption. There is a persistent expansion of the companies that use Node JS for production. Around three hundred well-known companies like Uber and Medium are some of them.

2.     Well-suited for Building Microservices

Node JS is highly lightweight and scalable. Therefore, it is a favorite to architectures of microservice. Breaking down the apps into independent and isolated services are called microservice architectures. So, it gets easier to maintain and update the architecture as the services are separated. One can also add new of mend without dealing with the other application parts of the pre-existing architecture. With the assistance of Node modules, those which represent Node JS functions building blocks, it can fix the architectures designing. Applications can be tested, operated, handles, and independently developed, saving one from the risks of infrastructure. Code-reusability between server-side and client-side are allowed by this feature, reducing the cost and time of development, for one only needs to consider new services being updated or introduced.

3.     Useful Single Codebase

Learning from Node JS training will help you better understand how to easily synchronize and send the data between client-side and server-side coding. Since on both sides the same JavaScript language is being used, the source code will be more consistent and cleaner. The same best practices, the same tools, and the same naming conventions will be used, saving the developers’ time to a great extent due to this feature.

Node JS training is also significant, for Node JS has real-time applications, has a low learning curve, few lines of its code provide high performance.

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