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Written by 6:19 am Automotive

Beginner’s Guide to Car Parts Replacement

If you’re living in the US, chances are you either have your own car or have access to one. In fact, over 93% of all American households have access to cars in 2020!

But every now and again, cars fail. And when they do, it’s the mechanic at the service center who has to bail you out.

Aren’t you tired of having to rely on service centers and mechanics to do basic repairs to your car? Do you want to save money on car repairs by handling them on your own? Keep reading to find out how you can take care of car parts replacement by yourself.

What Tools to Get for Parts Replacement

The good news is that you won’t need any expensive, specialist tools for replacing car parts. Some of the tools that you’ll need include:

  • Spanner (adjustable)
  • Pliers
  • Flat head screwdrivers
  • Jack
  • Torque spanner
  • Socket and rachets

If you’re serious about doing your own car repairs, then buying quality tools is a must. Get tools with good grips and sturdy handles.

Different Car Parts

Spend some time learning about the different car parts, what they do, and how they look. This will help you when sourcing new parts or figuring out what’s wrong.

Here are some of the basic car parts that you need to know:


This critical component allows your car to turn on by providing a jolt of electricity to the engine. The battery also powers the electrical accessories in your par such as the air conditioner. If your car isn’t turning on it may be the battery. Try a jump start first and if that doesn’t work consider a replacement.


The alternator works together with the battery to provide power to the car’s electrical system. As the car moves, the alternator recharges the battery by using the mechanical energy produced by the car. If any of your electrical accessories aren’t working, it could be either the battery or the alternator.

Drive belts:

Drive belts are rubber belts that loop around your car’s engine. These belts are very important for controlling things like the cooling system, power steering, and windshield wipers. Older cars have several belts whereas newer cars use a single belt that loops through all your car’s systems

Finding the Right Car Parts

If you’re replacing car parts, you’ll need to order new parts for your car. The easiest way to do this is by ordering car parts from an online store.

You can order all the parts you need online through Red Line Auto Parts. Do you want to see their full selection? Just click for more.

Now You Can Do Repairs on Your Own

It should be clear now that car parts replacement isn’t that difficult. It just requires a basic knowledge of how cars work, and what parts they are made up of.

If you enjoyed this post and want to learn more tips and trick, check out these helpful tips for buying second hand cars online.

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