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Experience Pokemon Go in Augmented Reality or (AR)

Pokemon Go was released last 2016 and fascinated the gaming community with more interactive and captivating gameplay. Pokemon Go is one of the world’s most successful mobile games. It has over one billion downloads to date and over 147 million users per month.

You can locate Pokemons using your mobile phone via the GPS in your neighborhood, city, or town. You can catch a Pokemon after you’ve found them. As years go by and technology continually evolves, the power of AR or Augmented Reality is being realized by Niantic Labs, a different gaming experience with Pokemon Go this 2020.

Pokemon Go And Augmented Reality or AR

The hands-on gaming experience of Pokemon Go makes it unique to the gaming community. Your screen will reveal in real-time a computer-generated picture of a Pokemon around your specific location as if a real Pokemon is in front of you.

Pokemon Go AR uses a technology in which gamers have a more interactive experience using a real-world setting with computer-generated software. The game is made possible by capturing through cameras and presenting it to viewers on their smartphone’s screen. With AR, it can detect not just the street view but with added information on your screens.

Niantic Labs in the Augmented Reality World

Niantic Labs is the world’s leading AR company. Their primary focus is on creating games with AR capacities, though they also take part in various AR disciplines. Previously, Niantic Labs was formerly known as Keyhole.

With Keyhole, they created 3D maps for different places and buildings with interactive names. Their invention was so successful that Google purchased it and renamed Google Earth a few years later. Keyhole took technology to a whole new level through the success of Google Earth.

As a start-up within Google, Niantic Labs was founded in 2010. As described earlier, their primary goal was to create a new gameplay that the listeners have never experienced before. Niantic Labs adhered to three fundamental concepts when designing and developing games.

They explore and discover new environments, exercise, and social experiences with other individuals in the actual world. It would come as no surprise after reading these three concepts why Pokemon Go was made the way it is.

How Advanced is Pokemon Go AR?

This game has made a breakthrough in technology by bending reality. However, Pokemon Go AR does not have the means to let you experience traveling in a parallel universe or a new dimension; that kind of technology is way too forward. Augmented Reality is relatively straightforward with the standard gameplay of Pokemon Go.

With Pokemon Go AR, the computer-generated Pokemons can now interact with real-life obstacles. Unlike with Pokemon Go, while you are in the middle of catching a Pokemon, the computer-generated image will now be sensitive to roadblocks, trees, and crowded walkways.

The computer-generated images of these Pokemons are now smart. It changes the overall gaming experience of Pokemon Go AR by giving the players a realistic experience. This kind of gameplay is a fantastic breakthrough in technology.

What is The Future With Augmented Reality?

According to Perkins Coie, seventy percent of customers believe AR would exceed Virtual Reality (VR) in their sales within the next five years. AR is increasingly taking over the digital space, and nearly sales of $75 billion are expected by 2023.

Using AR in our everyday lives goes beyond mobile games. Google Earth is enormous, and AR is used for several purposes in maps. Many state-of-the-art high-tech cars have heads-up displays (HUD) that not only provide you with standard fuel and speed statistics but also GPS.

For our mobile devices, we use GPS maps to find directions. With AR, these maps can be improved further by providing data with a 3D realm rather than a 2D display, giving a more specific and accurate location.


The future of a more interactive experience in technology is through Augmented Reality. It continues to captivate players to deliver realism in games. The power of accurate mapping and the exchange of knowledge increases learning and user experience. Pokemon Go took up AR technology development, and one can only imagine the game’s future.

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