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Best Tips for Designing Your Master Bedroom

Tips for Designing Your Bedroom

  1. Decide the Mood

When it comes to master bedroom decor, you have to be extra thoughtful when deciding the overall mood of the room. Since it is the most important room in your house, you need to choose colors that radiate a soothing and inviting feeling. Instead of going for bold colors, you can go for gentler hues of blue, green, or yellow to set a calm and serene mood in the room. Studies prove that colors have a great effect on the character of the room and hence it should be the first thing you should consider before designing your master bedroom.

  1. Decorating the Master Bedroom Ceiling

When I bought my house in the luxurious and posh residential complex of Purva Palm Beach, I was delighted to have a high ceiling in most of the rooms. Ceilings often get ignored when you are thinking of different master bedroom ideas for decor but they offer a nice surface to try any new things that you want. You can go for pattern painting, wallpaper, or even paint the ceiling yourself to spice up the room even more.

  1. Drapes

If you have fairly big master bedrooms then chances are that you will have good windows that desperately asking for your help. One of the best accessories that you can use when designing your master bedroom is adding drapes to them. They are a great way to replace the blinds or shutters as perfect for a spacious master bedroom. Drapes can add much-needed color and softness to the entire room and can also be used to block the light and that is why this is always in the list of tips for designing your bedroom.

  1. Room Lighting

Just because you are in the master bedroom doesn’t mean the lighting has to be dull and uneventful. The placement of the lights can completely change the feel of the room and hence lighting is something you should surely include in the list of master bedroom ideas. You can include some swanky table lamps to add some light for when you feel bored with overhead lights.

  1. Bedside Tables

Perhaps the most underrated part of the master bedroom decor is the bedside table! Everyone has a bed but not many think of creative ways to upgrade the master bedroom. They are a very useful furniture choice too as you can use them as drawers to keep your watch or books and also have a nice lamp to keep on it! You can also choose a different color or wood to give it a personalized touch while designing your master bedroom.

  1. Install Artwork

Technically, I suggest this for decorating any room in the house but installing different artwork is also a great idea when you are thinking of designing your master bedroom. If you have a huge wall then you can easily install large artwork. But, even if you have small surfaced you can install artwork at eye level and it will still brighten up the master bedroom without dominating the aura. Let your creative mind flow and impress the family with your deep art choices.

  1. Beautiful Rugs

If you have an independent house or a bungalow then you must be wondering about the different master bedroom ideas that you can come up with to make the floors look pretty.  Rugs are an awesome option because they beautify the floor and can also add some warmth to the floor. The best part about using rugs as a clinical part of the furniture is that they come in different sizes and designs!

  1. Plants

If you were under an impression that plants and pots are not to be kept in the bedroom, then you are wrong my friend! Plants are the most cost-effective way of livening up any rooms and if you incline to smells then you can put plants with a robust smell and give it a unique look to the master bedroom!

  1. Storage Cabinets

Storage cabinets are an important part of any master bedroom decor for the simple reason that they take up a large space in the room and hence one needs to make a thoughtful decision. When it comes to cabinets you can choose the design as per your liking and decide everything right from the color of the finishing to the type of wood and the size! I had installed cabinets and painted on them on my own to give them a snappy look and I got to admit, everyone liked them.

So there you have it, my top 9 list of some of the most innovative design ideas for your master bedroom. I hope that this was an interesting article and that you have fun with the decoration.

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