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Five Reasons Why You Should Invest In Digital Signatures

Invest In Digital Signatures

Manually signing paperwork is now a thing of the past. As the world is fast undergoing a digital transformation, the digital signature is becoming a norm in the business world.

Printed paperwork, waiting to be signed, may take longer than it should. On top of that, it can get missed or lost, leading to significant consequences. This is only one problem that digital signatures solve. It not only makes things more comfortable but also speeds up the signing processes while improving business productivity.

Because of the benefits the technology offers, the global digital signature market is projected to reach from about $1,535 million in 2019 to $23,950 million by 2030.

Here are the five primary reasons why your business needs digital signatures.

Reason 1:Improves Security

The digital signature technology is backed by Public Key Infrastructure (PKI). For industries that rely on securing signatures for legal documents, going paperless needs a highly secure way to protect their end-users as well as the business.

PKI technology uses asymmetric key-pair (public-private key pair) encryption, certified by a Certification Authority. This encryption encrypts using one key and decrypts data using the other key in the pair. The certificate issued for the key pair is called the ‘Digital Certificate.’

Thus, a digital signature arguably provides a high level of cybersecurity to signed documents.  It reduces the risk of paperwork being lost or misinterpreted by hackers and cybercriminals. So, you can rest assured, using digital signature tools, knowing that your signature is reaching the right person without being accessed by malicious third-parties.

With eSign Genie digital signature tool, you get access to a highly optimized digital signature process, leading to faster and safer workflows. The technology is powered by advanced digital signature algorithms, allowing the most complex permissions, such as setting locks on form fields for different users.

Moreover, digital signs lock down documents. Thus, any changes made after signing the document would alter involved parties to those changes.

Reason 2: Improves Customer Relationship

Nowadays, people are getting accustomed to lightning-fast online transaction speed, thanks to advancing digital technology. As mentioned above, digital signature tools speed up the contracting processes. It leads to satisfied and improved customer relationships.

The workflow within an organization contributes a lot to the overall customer experience. By integrating technologies to sign documents digitally, organizations can share documents fasters across the involved signing parties. It is because there is no delay caused by scanning, faxing, and downloading the document.

Thus, you can invest more time in generating new business and nurturing your clients instead of worrying about paperwork. Moreover, you can easily track documents and follow up whether they’ve been signed or not.

Reason 3:Reduces Overall Costs

Digital signaturetools do not impose any changes to your organization’s workflow. Instead, this technology allows you to sign documents without changing content authoring applications.

You can use the same file types you’re already using, such as PDF, MS-Word, Excel, etc. Above all, these tools easily integrate with popular content management systems, such as SharePoint.

Once you implement a reliable tool, like eSign Genie, you will realize direct savings, including the cost of ink, paper, shipping costs, and printer maintenance. Indirect savings come from the time you save with filing documents, searching for missing documents, rekeying data, or tracking the contract’s status.

In addition, technologies to digitally sign documentsoffer other savings in efficiency. These savings incur from:

  • Reduced human errors
  • Speed up service delivery
  • Increased contracts acceptance
  • Allowing sales agents to focus on selling

Reason 4: Streamlines Your Workflow

Just imagine the time you would require to sign thousands of documents, forms, and letters piled up on your desk. You already have planned your day, hour by hour. Now, this lengthy job to sign documents sounds really tiresome and interrupting.

Moreover, you might have to answer countless emails from those waiting for you to sign these forms and letters. Suddenly, you would find yourself losing valuable minutes in sorting out all this. At the end of the day, you would end up working longer than you planned and left with so many things undone.

That’s when electronic signature softwareenters to streamline your workflow. These tools strengthen workflow by assisting in filling, submitting, and organizing document data, all online.

You can share these files safely among important persons within your organization. So, you will never lose physical copies, forget files before deadlines, and walk across the office only to hand off a document.

Reason 5: Boosts Sales Team’s Efficiency

An Aberdeen study revealed that the average sales team achieves only half of its goals. Thus, there is a need to speed up the sale’s team efficiency. And, digital signature tools can play a major role in this regard.

The productivity and efficiency of the sales team are often jeopardized because signing contracts, closing deals take so much time and also create signature in word documents is also become easy by electronic signature software. On average, sales teams need three to get handwritten signatures and close the deal. Thus, eSign Genie can be a savior because it speeds up the process of getting a signature.

By streamlining workflows with other organizations and reducing turnaround time, digital signature softwaresimplify the sales team’s workflow.

Adding to this, digital signature reduces human errors. These may otherwise cause delays and unwanted stress for the sales teams. You can send documents to any email ID within a second and complete the sales cycle within a few minutes.

Final Words

In today’s digital era, technology provides innumerable benefits and options to businesses. Digital signature has now become a standard in the corporate world as more and more businesses are leveraging the potential of this technology.

By replacing the outdated paper-based system with eSign Genie, you can boost your overall productivity and revenue.

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