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How to Keep a Healthy Well Being?

How to Keep a Healthy Well Being?

In this article, we will consider the main concepts of a healthy lifestyle, hereinafter referred to as HLS. How to form the necessary habits that will lead to positive changes in life, and what methods should be used for this.

The basics of healthy lifestyle. Healthy Lifestyle


There are many organizations in the world whose activities are aimed at creating a healthy lifestyle. Among them are both public and private and public. They are committed to promoting and promoting skills and concepts on healthy lifestyles, helping people understand the truth that maintaining a healthy lifestyle is inextricably linked to disease prevention.

If you are physically active, eat right and adhere to the correct regime of the day, then many problems disappear by themselves. What a healthy lifestyle consists of, its rules, methods and goals, we will analyze in the following sections.

Prevention is better than cure

In order to enjoy a happy life, you need to have good health. This is an axiom. In addition, in order to have good health, you need to deal with it and know what contributes to its strengthening and maintenance.

Good physical shape and a stable emotional state largely depend on what kind of life we ​​lead, what values ​​we follow. Often people do not think about it at all until they ring the bell in the form of some disorders or diseases of the physical body, and then some begin to fundamentally revise their attitude to the lifestyle that they lead.

Their habits, diet, daily routine are changing

However, it is possible not to bring this up to time and to prevent and avoid the appearance of an imbalance in the body, applying in practice HLS methods.

Methods and purpose of healthy lifestyle

The goal of healthy lifestyles is for a person to live a fulfilled, physically active life, enjoy life, and maintain harmonious relationships with the outside world. In order to achieve these goals, the healthy lifestyle movement uses the following methods:

Verbal-theoretical: through the receipt of information, it’s processing, a person is acquainted with the basic principles of healthy lifestyle, in order to subsequently begin to apply them.

Visible: having a pattern before your eyes, a group of like-minded people who set an example and encourage you to follow the right lifestyle, it is much easier to decide to start a new life.

Practical: the theoretical justification of the correctness of your choice through reading books, listening to and attending lectures on this topic, plus motivation for the activities of a group of new friends, allows you to quickly proceed to the main stage in introducing the principles of healthy lifestyle – practice.

The third point deserves special attention, because in fact, only he is able to really change the situation and lead to some visible and significant changes in your life for the better. The first two points will only prepare you mentally. All real activity occurs only through practice.

  • Application of healthy lifestyle principles in practice.
  • Let us find out what you need to pay close attention, starting to lead a healthy lifestyle.
  • You must develop a program of physical activity for yourself.
  • Review your diet and, if necessary, make appropriate changes.
  • Change the daily routine, bringing it closer to the natural rhythm of life.

All this will allow you to effectively prevent various physical and mental disorders and will positively affect your emotional state.

Physical activity

At this point of your plan, it does not matter what types of physical activity you will devote your time to at the initial stage. If you have not been involved in anything related to physical education and sports for a long time, you can start at least with hiking in nature (hiking in the mountains, Nordic walking are suitable here), do long distance runs or go swimming on a regular basis. However, make sure you have hockey stick tape for better grip on equipment for effective physical activity. The last two classes, known to everyone since childhood, have a great positive effect on the general psychophysical state, which we will discuss in more detail below, and such types of physical activity are available to everyone.

It is not necessary to immediately sign up for a gym or choose a fitness program. If you have a serious intention to change your life, then you can do it yourself. Wellness practices such as yoga or qigong are well suited for practicing at home. Their advantage is that in parallel with the work on the physical body, you also begin to work with energies. That is why practitioners teaching the redistribution of energy flows in the body, make you not only more fit and active, but also have a therapeutic effect.


The first task in the transition to a new diet is the choice of the system that is acceptable for you now.They will prepare you for the transition to other nutrition systems – vegetarianism or veganism. However, you need to approach this very consciously and make a smooth transition. If you do not feel ready to immediately switch to vegetarianism, you can at least exclude red meat and pork from the diet as the most “heavy” foods for the body. Many resources are spent on their digestion. The same applies to artificial stimulants – caffeinated products.

Alcohol and Tobacco

There is no need to talk about alcohol and tobacco products, because, excluding them from consumption, you are just starting a real healthy lifestyle. Alcohol is generally toxic to humans. Ethanol, and with it nicotine, is secreted into a separate class of neurotoxins, because they directly act on the nerve endings and lead to the death of cells.

Therefore, there can be no talk of any moderate alcohol consumption. Although this is a very unpopular statement that causes a lot of discussion, those who are honest with themselves and want to free themselves from unnecessary addictions should take this attitude as the norm.

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