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Is it safe to send valuable goods with air freight delivery services?

Packing and sending valuable goods can be a stressful process. You want to ensure security and efficiency, but it’s hard to know which courier is best for you with so many options available. 

Sending packages via air freight is faster than standard mail methods and provides higher levels of protection for expensive items. If your package needs to get there fast or contains valuable items, shipping with air freight delivery services may be right for you.

Critical factors determining if airfreight is suited to your needs

Is your package high value?

If so, you should use a courier dedicated to transporting valuable items such as diamonds or cash. Courier services such as this will offer higher protection and insurance in case of loss or theft. 

This degree of protection is not usually offered when shipping lower-value packages through standard methods such as FedEx. Furthermore, deliveries that arrive faster will give you less time to be targeted by potential thieves – a vital consideration in busy areas of the world such as big cities.

How urgently is the package needed?

If you require urgent delivery, airfreight delivery will be faster than standard methods of transport such as FedEx or UPS. Airfreight services handle hundreds of items per day and can ship to more destinations worldwide.

Will the shipment be going through a high-risk zone?

You must take special care if your shipment is going through a dangerous area of the world where conflict or terrorist activity has broken out. 

Consider whether sending your goods by air freight delivery service might increase its risk of being lost or damaged while in transit from one place to another. Generally speaking, once you start shipping valuable goods, you cannot take the risk of them not getting there safely.

How can you ensure the safety of your goods?

The “Go-to” method for protecting your value goods

If you want to ensure the best protection for your contents, using a sturdy box is necessary. Fill this box with packaging peanuts or bubble wrap and ensure it’s sealed shut. For added security, consider filling a second box within the larger one. The UPS Store suggests that ‘The rule of thumb when shipping high-value items should be: Double Boxed IS Always Better.’

Ensure quick package delivery

Airfreight companies typically ship hundreds of packages per day so they can get your package where it needs to go quickly. Of course, sending an item via air freight comes at a higher price than other methods, but this is the recommended shipping method if you have something valuable that needs to be delivered quickly.

Minimize package exposure

As soon as your package leaves your hands, it becomes a desired target for thieves. Wherever possible, keep your shipment out of sight until you are ready to make the delivery. You should also choose a reputable courier service that will offer good customer support if something goes wrong with your shipment.

Request special care when shipping via airfreight delivery services

Request that extra precautions are taken with your cargo. Whether it be ensuring that packages are covered or providing specific instructions, requesting additional information about how your goods are being managed will help to ensure they arrive safely.

Do your research

Do adequate research to determine which courier services have a good reputation for delivering high-value goods quickly and safely. Ask other business owners for recommendations, or contact a few couriers directly to ask questions about their services before making your decision. It will undoubtedly save you time in the long run by doing it before your first shipment is sent.

Consider that there is always a risk when shipping valuable items

Even if you follow all of these pieces of advice, there are still risks involved in airfreight delivery. For this reason, it’s essential to pay attention to whether your shipment might be coming through an area that may compromise its safety during transit. If so, look at sending your cargo another way.

No method is perfect, but you should make every effort to ensure the safety of your shipments as much as possible. These tips will help protect high-value items and other goods that need special care during shipping. The more you know about the best practices for sending out valuable products, the better off you’ll be when it comes time to ship.

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