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Join the Hype in The World of Arknights

There are numerous games in the market today that you can dive into if you’re looking for a past time. These days, you can quickly cure your boredom with mobile games by going through the Play Store and App Store. Arknights is one such game.

In this article, we will be going through the world of Arknights to see why this role-playing game is a big hype to the gaming community. RPG or Role-Playing Games are known to have exciting storylines and fantastic video graphics.

What is Arknights?

Arknights is considered a tower defense RPG or Role-Playing Game where you will play a character of “The Doctor” who is set on an adventure in a dystopian, post-apocalyptic world. The main character is working for “Rhodes,” a pharmaceutical company that seeks to eliminate the world’s deadly diseases.

In this game, the “operators” are the main character’s allies and defense’s mainline. Their role is to help the doctor protect the base from the enemy called the “Reunion Movement,” who wants to take over the government as an act of revenge.

Initially, Studio Montagne and Hypergryph launched Arknights in China last 2019, while Yostar launched the Global Server in January 2020. But even before the world’s release, players are already praising its outstanding storyline, detailed storyline, excellent graphics, and character design widely applauded.

Things to Know About Its Gameplay

Arknights is a tower defense game that has RPG and Gacha elements to it. You need to enhance your strategic skills and make quick decisions to plot your Operators and inhibit the enemy from destroying your base. You need to pay attention during the game because the enemies are attacking from different aerial attacks.

Practice Level

In the first stage, you have the chance to select which Operator you would like to use. Different locations will require different types of Operators to win the round. You can always test your strategies first by playing the practice level.

The practice level is used for “Drill Plans.” You will be provided with 30 drill plans, which are going to be replenished every day. Practice levels are not just warming up and not using your “Sanity” or the in-game stamina.

Game Modes

Different game modes will be unlocked as you progress through the main story. You will have access to resources that are important in the long run. It will help if you prioritize the primary story campaign before going to other missions and side quests.

The resources that you will receive throughout the game are essential to help you with your Arknights journey. Some items will help you recruit more Operators and specific items that will help you level up. The resources are essential throughout the gameplay, so make sure not to waste it.

Auto Mode

Arknights is different from other strategy and RPG games because of its “Auto Mode.” With this, you will be allowed to repeat certain stages of the game. It is beneficial, especially when you are grinding for resources. However, this mode is not given in an instant. You will have to earn it to get the Auto Mode.

The Auto Mode will be accessed once you completed certain stages with a 3-star rating. It would help if you had consistent 3-star ratings to get the auto mode or auto-deploy mode. Otherwise, you have to grind the game harder.

Fast-phased Game

Arknights is a farm-and-grind massive game; you will most likely spend a lot of time playing the game since it has an RPG element. Hence, this game may not be suitable for players who like fast-phased games like FPS or first-person shooting games and MOBA or Multiplayer Online Battle Arena.

What are the Operators?

Operators play a vital role in the overall gameplay of Arknights. They come from different classes and skills that are suitable for specific situations. The way you will build your operators and your team will make a massive difference in how you will progress and win in the game.


Operators are divided into eight different classes. Each class has its role, strength, skill, and weakness. It is essential to grasp what each class can do to use them in battle effectively. The eight classes are Caster, Defender, Guard, Medic, Sniper, Special, Support, and Vanguard.


Overall, Arknights is an exciting game to indulge in. This gameplay will get you hooked and give you something to look forward to because of their weekly events. They also release new characters, missions, and events that indeed you shouldn’t miss. Download now, and join the hype, play Arknights.

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