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Most Beautiful Girls in the James Bond Franchise

Most Beautiful Girls in the James Bond Franchise

The phrase “a Bond girl” has long become a household. A huge number of actresses dream of getting this role one day, but this opportunity is given only to the brightest, sexiest, and most talented actresses with powerful charisma (its presence is perhaps the most important factor). In a word, one should possess some unique traits to become one of the Bond girls. When people talk about these beauties, each of them imagines their own ideal of a girlfriend of special agent 007.

The first movie came out in 1962, and since then 24 films have already been released. The premiere of the 25th is scheduled for 2020. In these films, you can see even real situations with a hint about abusive relationships not to mention everything else. And now let’s look at the most beautiful women in the James Bond franchise who won the hearts of many people around the world.

  •    Ursula Andress

In Jan Fleming’s original story, a character named Honey Ryder appeared from the sea foam, like Venus, completely naked. However, they couldn’t show such erotic scenes in the movies of the 60s. Ursula Andress wore a swimsuit (by the way, the bikini was of her own design), which in the result also made a splash. The scene of the appearance of Honey Ryder from the waves looked extremely erotic and exciting.

Honey Ryder was emotional and naïve in some way. She has set the standard for all subsequent Bond girls. However, more than 50 years ago, women were not that intelligent as men, for example, the charming cutie did not even have primary education. She did not attend school, so everything she knew she found out from an encyclopedia she was reading at home. When they met with Bond, Honey reached only the letter T.

  •    Claudine Auger

“Thunderball” is the fourth episode of the 007 franchise. It was released in 1965, while the career of the future star began in 1958 when Claudine, a 17-year-old schoolgirl, won the Miss France title.

Besides, she was working as a model and participated in the Miss World competition. Film producer Kevin MacClory paid attention to the beauty while having a vacation in the Bahamas, and the role of the gorgeous Italian was created specifically for the girl. However, she didn’t have time to learn English, so she was voiced by another actress. By 1995, when the actress had completed her forty-year career, her filmography comprised more than seventy projects in the film industry and TV.

  •    Britt Ekland

The beautiful Swedish girl performed the role of MI6 agent Mary Goodnight who assists Bond in escaping from a crumbling island. While in real life, Britt preferred to conquer the hearts of rockers: the actress met with different musicians, and in 1984, she got married to a drummer of Stray Cats, Slim Jim Phantom. Her film career began in the 1960s and continued until the early 90s, although the star still appears on TV, striking with energy and vitality.

  •    Barbara Bach

She became the very first Bond girl, who had a feministic worldview. KGB Major Anna Amasova (codename XXX) got a secret mission to find the disappeared Soviet submarine. While James Bond was searching for a Britain submarine. Along the way, agent 007 killed Anna’s boyfriend. So, the girl wanted to get back at him. After sexual intercourse with Bond, Amasova warned him, “When the mission is over, I will kill you.” But every man should know that it is not always necessary to believe in every threat a woman says. Barbara Bach became the first of Bond’s girls who appeared on the cover of Playboy magazine. And in 1981, she met a man who deeply fell in love with her, the famous Ringo Starr from The Beatles.

  •    Maryam d’Abo

Beautiful Maryam was born to a Georgian-Dutch family. She became a movie girlfriend of Timothy Dalton, who, in 1987, got the role of Bond. To inspire a greater interest in the movie, where Maryam played the cellist and sniper from Slovakia, d’Abo starred for Playboy. However, later she said that it was the hasty and wrong decision. In 2002, Maryam d’Abo decided to use her talent as a writer. She became a co-author of a book that tells about all the “Bond girls.” This is not a story or a novel. The book contains documentary information about the actress herself and those who were in her place, the place of Bond’s girlfriend.

  •    Famke Janssen

Her character, Xenia Onatopp, had Georgian roots, and once cooperated with the KGB. Xenia was a huge nymphomaniac, sadomasochist, and lover of a “cowgirl” position. However, nobody knows for sure what she loved more, sex or the murders that she committed during it. With her cynicism, self-centeredness, and desire to win, Xenia was alike Agent 007. Therefore, they were always competing in everything they were dealing with. Besides, she had good taste in choosing outfits and knew how to draw attention to herself.

The vivid image of the Russian killer and the success of the film had brought the actress wide popularity, after which she got a huge number of offers to act in various movies.

  •    Monica Bellucci

51-year-old Monica Bellucci played the role of the dowager and became the agent’s new girl. It became an unexpected turn in the James Bond franchise. Monica has become the most “mature” girlfriend of Bond and, perhaps, the most gorgeous one. Interestingly, the actress is even older than the actor who played the main male role since Daniel was only 47 years old at the moment. Like her character, the actress was dating much younger men after the divorce, so the age gap was not a challenge on the big screen as well. This Italian is considered one of the hottest women of modern time. And the rejection of the actress from plastic surgeries and popular diets cause constant interest in her persona.

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