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The Indian passport system is one of the only one to use for through the new online system created by the Indian Government. It made the entire process simpler for the people generally spending hours waiting around at the office or had to make multiple trips since they did not have all their documents or certificates with them. the online site solved this whole issue by allowing people to handle it at their convenience. Furthermore, applicants could access the online portal from any a neighborhood of the earth, allowing folks that were adjourning the system since it had been just inconvenient.


Costing of the Indian passport

There are multiple kinds of passports, and people can apply for any of them, however, the foremost common one provided to people is that the standard passport with 36 pages. People can make changes to the passport during the appliance process; if they travel tons, they’re going to like better to get one with some more pages.


When it involves Indian Passport’s, they typically cost between the price range of:

  • Adult (36 pages): 1,500
  • Adult (60 pages): 2,000
  • Minor (36 pages): 1,000

These passports were later ruled invalid by the Indian Government and holders were forced to exchange them with machine-readable versions, valid for ten years because of ICAO (International Civil Aviation Organization) regulations.


While the appliance process for several passports takes between a month to sixty days, there’s the selection of paying slightly extra and applying for a tatkal passport.


All the knowledge mentioned on the passport application forms and thus the documents submitted in conjunction with it got to match, otherwise, there could be issues with the verification process.


Details about the Indian passport

India issued about 12 million passports, variety exceeded only by China and thus the us. Approximately 65 million Indians held valid passports as of the highest of 2015.


If applicants have any questions on the passport process, they’re going to get them answered on the online site itself. Additionally, the online site provides information about the forms to be submitted and thus the method of submitting them. It allows for everything to be uploaded in one go, making for a simple and easy system.


However, the passport system does require the applicants to travel to the office to urge their fingerprints scanned, which isn’t something which can be done through the online site. After the verification of all the knowledge, the passport is mailed to the house supported the knowledge provided on the forms.


What is senior citizens card and its details about KSRTC?


Senior citizens card could also be a card employed to old people in India by the govt to reinforce their welfare. The aim is to provide an honest quality of life to people who don’t have any more energy to work. There are many aged folks that have no source of income or pension in their old-age. The oldster card comes as a saviour for of those people. a considerable economic restraint is away from the shoulders  old people. There are many benefits like tax relaxation, medical scheme’s, reduced fair of airways and railways etc.

Senior citizens card is vital in many nations to enjoy the benefits given to older people. This card is issued following different processes in several nations, however, the essential steps remain the same everywhere. to help older section of society various toll-free helpline services are also in action.


What is KSRTC?

KSRTC is additionally mentioned as Karnataka State Road Transport Corporation. this is often often a government handled association of transportation services. It comes under the services of the govt of Karnataka, India. This state government-controlled corporation holds the foremost important Volvo buses fleet as compared to the opposite state in India. It provides various travelling services to the local people, habited in Karnataka.


status of senior citizens card in KSRTC


The government of Karnataka and Karnataka State Road Transport corporation have together made it easier for senior citizens to travel. they have decided to stop distribution of any new senior citizens cards to the old section of society as of the year 2018. they have made the tactic of receiving the benefits of adulthood much simpler than senior citizens card. Now any valid identity proof provided by the govt.   are often used to avail the discounts on travelling services in Karnataka.

According to KSRTC, the folks that are older than 60 years aged can avail a discount of 25% while travelling. this may be done by showing any of the government-approved card as age proof like driver’s license, aadhar card, passport, voter’s ID etc.


The identity proof which is issued by PSU is additionally valid. PSU is additionally mentioned as public sector undertakings which usually falls under the control of union government. The identity issued by PSU must contain the date of birth of the individual, the oldster directorate ID or welfare of disabled ID, the year of birth, in conjunction with photographs of the oldster to be considered as a legitimate proof, for availing the travelling discount by the oldster without senior citizens card.


Here are Some facts about senior citizen card


  • The state-wise data shows Kerala holds the absolute best population of senior citizens in India. this is often often followed closely by Goa and Tamil Nadu.
  • Prevalence of heart disease in old people is higher. Therefore, the medical benefits of senior citizens card are extremely useful.
  • The dependency rate in India on adulthood has climbed upwards from 10.9% in 1961 to 14.2% in 2011.

For Senior Citizen Card Form Please Click Here.


The offline process for obtaining a certificate of birth

While the govt.   has worked on creating an internet system to use for a certificate, most of the people browsing the tactic weren’t necessarily tech-savvy. this is often often one of the foremost reasons why they like travelling to the office and handling the appliance for his or her certificate offline.


If the applicant resides during a rural village, they have to use for the certificate through the Panchayat but if they’re from an urban city, the Municipal Corporation coordinates it. There they have to fill out all their application forms and provide the additional documents also. The office will coordinate with the right departments and verify the knowledge provided and accordingly give them the certificate during a couple of days which sometimes stretches on to each week.


There are specific rules about the registration process, as an example, if the child is born at a hospital, the medic responsible issues a letter which can got to be submitted when applying for the certificate.


details about the registration process for Birth certificate

In 2007, Arunachal Pradesh, Himachal Pradesh, Meghalaya, Mizoram, Nagaland, Kerala, Punjab, Tamil Nadu, Chandigarh, Delhi and Puducherry recorded 100% birth registration. Although this was quite decade back, the States are still working well and have an honest reputation and high registrations.


While others didn’t compared, Maharashtra recorded nearly 92% of births, Goa, 97.9%, Gujarat, 97.8%, West Bengal, 97%, Sikkim, 93.9%, Karnataka, 92%, and Haryana 91.6%.

For Senior Citizen Card Form Please Click Here


What is the online process of getting a certificate of Birth ?

Multiple websites assist with the appliance process for a certificate. While they’re doing are available handy, they’re doing not provide the certificate themselves but coordinate with the Registrar of Births and Deaths and have one sent over.


Applicants interested by applying for and receiving their certificate got to get in-tuned with them and make an account on the online site which can be used for all coordination between the Registrar, not just for the registration. It allows people to use for brand fresh copies of their birth certificates and even make changes to them if there are typos or errors.


Coordinating with the online site is kind of almost like handling the tactic offline with the only difference being that it’s done, at the convenience of the applicant. they have to fill out the same forms and upload the same documents. the only difference is that they don’t got to be carried to the office but are often scanned and sent to the online site that handles the verification process. This reduces the quantity of people at the Registrar, allowing the faster processing of all the documents and shorter queues. Furthermore, the online site posts the certificate home or has an option of collecting it at their office.


The unfortunate part about the registration process is that it can only be exhausted the State and city where the birth happened, which fairly often needs people to travel back hence using the online site seems like how better option.

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