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Should high rollers play video slots?

One of the most beautiful things about slot games is the large variety of types available. Slot games differ in themes, designs, gameplays, extra features, etc. So, they are suitable for almost any kind of player. 

The same way slot games vary in types and designs; they are also different in terms of stake limits. There are high-stake slots and low-stake slots. However, because of the low range of stakes for many slots, high rollers tend to get discouraged from playing them. But there are indeed slots with very high stakes that can give them the same thrills they get from the table games. 

So, any high roller can play slots if he or she likes it. There are so many slots with high bet amounts that they can choose from. It’s only a matter of choice for the player. We have listed some high-stake slots further down this article. But first, let’s understand why some people love to play high roller games. 

Why do people go for high stake games?

If you’re a slot player, especially one who likes to play for fun, you might be wondering what the fuss is about slots with high stakes. You need to realize that not just everyone loves playing for fun and that the definition of fun is different for some people. 

Here are some reasons why people love high-stake games: 

·         Love for taking risks – Some people get thrilled by the fact that something huge is at stake. They might not be excited about the gameplay or features of the slot; they just get their adrenaline rush from knowing they risk losing something big.

·         Urge to win big prizes – High stake games usually pay out huge prizes. Thus, many love to risk it all just for the chance of getting a huge return.

·         Chasing loses – This is a bad reason. Some players, in an attempt to get back what they have lost, go for games with high stakes. 

Top slot games for high rollers

While many slots have only options for low stakes, many others allow you to risk much more. But these slots are not entirely different from the regular ones; they follow the usual pattern of play and rules. The only difference is that you can bet high on them.

In the table below, you’ll find some high stake video slots with their minimum and maximum bet amounts. 

Video SlotMin StakeMax Stake
Jack Hammer€0.25€250
Age of Gods: Goddess of Wisdom€0.20€250
Ghosts of Christmas€0.20€200

How to choose your high roller slot

Like we previously mentioned, there are so many high roller slots to choose from. But in your choice of games, you must also be careful. You don’t want to lose your high bet unnecessarily. 

The first thing is to ensure you have enough money to bet. Then, you look at the game’s payout rate and variance before choosing to play. If you choose a game with a low payout rate, then you must have a huge bankroll from which you can keep betting for a long time. 

Also, try to apply betting strategies while playing high stake slots. Even though these strategies may not guarantee wins, you don’t just lose unnecessarily.

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