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Written by 10:28 am Health & Fitness

The Best Masks to Keep You Safe During COVID-19

As COVID-19 keeps raging across the United States and world, and the infection and death tolls continue to rise, chances are good that you are still considering new ways to keep yourself and your family safe.

While the vaccine is now being rolled out across the world, there has been a lot of delay and people have found it quite difficult to get the vaccine even if they are within the groups that are at risk. For that reason, it is still really important that everyone finds masks that are comfortable, work well and keep everyone safe.

So, if you are looking for some new mask purchases to make, learn more here or consider these options of masks to protect yourself as the pandemic continues.

The kn95 mask

Without a doubt, one of the very best options available to you is the kn95 mask. Much like the n95 mask, which is the FDA standard in the United States when it comes to respirators, the kn95 holds the same protective ability. The n95 and kn95 masks are considered to be two of the most protective types of masks in the world.

The only main difference is that while the n95 is considered a respirator mask, the kn95 does not hold that same title. Still, it is heavily protective and is also easier to get than the n95 mask is right now.

Disposable surgical mask

This is probably the most common mask that you have seen in your day-to-day life since the COVID-19 pandemic began. The light blue surgical mask is cheap, disposable, and has been proven to be quite effective when it comes to protecting people from the novel coronavirus. The only thing to keep in mind is that masks like these are really only effective if everyone is wearing some kind of mask. Unlike the kn95, the surgical mask does not really protect a wearer unless the other people they are around are also wearing masks.

Sisters PPE Adult Face Mask

If you have to spend time in your office and still want to feel really protected and really comfortable, consider the Sisters PPE face mask. This mask offers the same level of protection to surgical masks but is much softer and more breathable. That means that you’ll be able to go the entire day wearing this mask without feeling like you’re just inhaling your own breath.

Eddie Bauer Reusable Filter Face Mask

If you love getting out and about in nature to break up the monotony of working from home, consider getting the Eddie Bauer face mask which is super comfortable and fashionable. This is perfect for your day out on the trails, whether you are hiking or trail running, because it will protect you fully but will also allow you to breath easily.

BOA Performance Face Mask

If you are looking to look chic in a mask, nothing says chic like the BOA mask. It’s all black so will be simple and not detract from your outfit. Also, black is always in style, so you won’t have to sacrifice your safety to make sure you’re staying fashionable.

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