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People across the country are trying to overcome the commotion of travelling on public transport like bus and local trains. Private cars are the best solutions for them that have made droom used cars market extremely busy these days. The market for pre-owned cars is twice more in size compared to the brand new cars. Sale and purchase of these cars happen on different platforms including brick & mortar showrooms, individual deals, and online platforms for used cars. A used car dealing is a complicated process as a whole because of various reasons like transfer of ownership, transfer of insurance, and of course assurance of quality. A huge number of buyers are opting for the online second hand car market as it works really fast and offers all kinds of assistance to deal with sellers.

Tips to buy second hand cars online

The online market is smooth sailing if you follow a system. Here are a few tips to purchase them online:

Choose the old cars for sale

Consider your driving habits, your needs, and your budget. Research the different car models, technical specifications, and prices. It shall help you narrow your preferences. Choose a car model that meets your lifestyle.

Research the online platform offering used cars

You can buy used cars in Gurgaon, Delhi, or elsewhere from various online platforms, however, before you finalize one, you should gain some background information about the dealer and references of customers. Find out the reasons to sell the car and find out whether the car was involved in an accident.

Check the second hand car’s condition

Though the car is a used one, it should be in a good running condition and should offer you a good value for money. Take the car for a test drive and get checked the major systems including cooling, engine, wheels, transmission, etc by a mechanic. The checks can help you ascertain whether the vehicle is maintained properly. Make sure that you have carried out a thorough check while you take the delivery of your vehicle. It is vital because a car dealer might replace some replace new car parts with old parts.

Check the relevant Documents

Check all the relevant papers before you make the payment. Check the registration papers. The registration certificate shall prove the ownership of a vehicle. The chassis and engine number must match with the number given on the registration paper. Check the insurance papers and the prior insurance claims. The seller must hand over the road tax papers. The No-Objection Certificate should be issued by a finance company. This certificate should state that the financier does not have any claim on the car.

The payment options

Most financial institutions and banks offer loans on pre-owned cars. Compare the loan interest, monthly payment options, and loan duration. Weight them, as per your budget. Know the price of the car, the financing you need, and the amount you need to pay including the down payment and interest amount. You can use online car aggregators that can give you assistance for availing loans.

Pre-Inspection of the vehicle

Once you have selected a pre-owned car, you should check the papers. A vehicle that is 3-5 years old you should consider it to buy. Check the odometer of the car and compare it with the manufacturing year. Check the engine. The engine should begin smoothly. Any good engine shall not emit blue or black smoke at the time of acceleration.

Check for tires and see for leakages and the wheels must be aligned properly. Check the suspension springs, shockers, and bushings. Inspect the electrical components such as lightings, dippers, reverse lights, and front as well as backlights. Check the audio system and the AC and see whether they are working properly or not.Check the bonnet for acid wear and tear.

Buying secondhand cars in Delhi might be a daunting job. However, if you do your homework properly and follow the above-mentioned steps then you shall be rewarded with a second-hand car that is in good working condition.Moreover, it suits your budget and needs. So, follow these Research before buying used cars.

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