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Interior painting mistakes that almost everyone makes

wall texture designs.

Painting is one of the easiest and budget-friendly ways to transform the look of your living space. But it is not as easy as it looks.

From not choosing the good quality paint to not picking up the right tools, there are so many mistakes that people make. Here are a few interior painting mistakes that almost everyone makes and ways to avoid them –

  • Not preparing the surface before painting – The durability of the paint is dependent on the preparation of the surface. This is the most common mistake made by the amateur painter. They fail to remove the preexisting dirt, cracks, oil marks, holes, or any other imperfection, that can lead to uneven paints. This is why the scrubbing should be done to prepare the wall.

Tips –

Clear the wall with mild soap water.

Prime the surface properly.

Once it dries off and the wall is smooth, then start to paint.

  • Not choosing good-quality paint – You need to be very careful while choosing the paint. Quality of the paint is very important because if you choose a low-quality paint, it will crack or chalk out after some time.

Tips –

Use proper primer and undercoats for good results.

Go for higher sheen paints as they are more vibrant and long-lasting.

Always choose a reputed brand paint as they guarantee longevity and washability.

You can search for the best paints in India.

  • Not testing the color beforehand – You should never buy a color before testing if you are not committed to that color. Always test it on a small board to make sure that it is the right match.

Tips –

You can paint a small piece of the surface to test how well the paint saturates.

Test it on different walls, as the same color may look different on multiple walls.

  • Not comparing the color in different lights – You should test the color keeping into consideration natural as well as artificial lights. Just because the color looks good in artificial light doesn’t mean it will look good in natural light too. So, test it properly in both the lights and then decide.

Tips –

Paint a board and rotate it around the room, test it how it looks in different lights.

  • Not using the right tools – To get the smooth finish, long-lasting color, and desired results, you should use the right and high-quality equipment.

Tip –

Choose the proper paint brush and rollers.

Take the help of a professional as they are experts in this.

To get the desired results, it is recommended to hire a professional painter. They will not just give you amazing results but also save your time and cost involved. Also, you can ask them for color suggestions and wall texture designs. So, if you are looking to get professional help, you can contact Aapka Painter. They can guarantee high quality and long-lasting results.

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